Sharp Azteca Will Run In Paolucci’s Pegasus Spot; War Story In Stronach Spot

by | 01.08.2018 | 6:12pm
Ron Paolucci

Owner Ron Paolucci has finalized a deal to lease the starting spot he purchased in the Jan. 27 Pegasus World Cup to Ivan Rodriguez and his Cigar Mile winner Sharp Azteca, according to Meanwhile, the Paolucci-owned (in partnership) War Story is expected to race in one of three starting slots not purchased; the Stronach Group is leasing those spots.

“It's a one-shot deal, for this race only,” Paolucci said. “Believe me, I'll still be rooting for War Story to win the race. But as a racing fan, I feel having Sharp Azteca in the field makes this a better race. I also figured if he didn't run in my spot, he'd have gotten in with someone else, perhaps in [Stronach's] last spot, and we'd have had to compete against him anyway with our horse.”

Paolucci is also reportedly seeking a third spot for his Grade 3-placed Game Over.

Javier Castellano is being courted by the connections of both Sharp Azteca and West Coast, whom he rode to a third-place finish in the Breeders' Cup Classic.


  • Vendettaroad

    FIASCO – An undeniable description of the ‘PEGASUS’.
    Unsold spots being bought-up by the ego maniac (Frank ‘struflex’ Stronach) who concocted this mess. Seating cost already reduced 25% [2nd yr] for the suckers who think money buys a race’s prestige.
    GULFSTREAM PARK has become a racing catastrophe compared to the once Donn family Major League Racing Operation!

  • Richard C

    That “Ria Antonia” cap in the photo brings back some sharp recollections concerning this guy’s massive ego.

    • Racing Enthusiast

      Also word is he back doored someone for the deal, real class act there!!

      • GoodnessMe

        Well that requires that a back door be unlocked, right?

        • Racing enthusiast

          Snakes slither under doors!!!

        • Racing enthusiast

          Snakes go under doors

          • GoodnessMe

            The owner of the horse made the deal. Paolucci is a putz on his best day. Navarro is the common denominator. Stronach took War Story in one of three open spots to allow the private deal to make way for Sharp Azteca. Safe to say the horse is the only class act in the bunch?

    • Pbchi

      maybe he has a friend who can tell him that gold chains went out in the 80’s.

      • Racing enthusiast

        Yes a real Mr T starter kit

  • Cindy

    This deal has turned into a circus. Last year.

  • McGov

    I believe it is safe to say, at this point, the Pegasus has failed this year. It will need to evolve or it will likely not be seen next year, IMO. It’s a shame that team Stronach is allowing it to become THIS.

    • Neigh Sayer

      The question is in what way did it fail. It seemingly failed in selling out the slots early and will be filling those slots late, but it looks like all the slots will be filled and the race will be as strong if not stronger than the BC Classic.

      • GoodnessMe

        You are the type that would like a Hoo War with an owl.

        • Neigh Sayer

          LOL, what? Should I just say this race sucks and is horrible and agree? Why? This race will be as strong if not stronger in quality than the BC Classic. It was a legitimate question, in what way did it fail?

  • David Juffet

    I’m so sick of reading about this race. Total disaster.

  • Doctor Ichabod

    Go looch go. I hope u win this race and they build a massive statue of your deep pockets!

  • Waquoit

    Can anyone hazard a guess what a deal like this might entail? How much for what percentage? I’m not sure I would want my horse winning a big race and having someone else scoop up most of the purse.

  • Karl Deppen

    I’m just a fan and gambler and wished that the negativity concerning the Pegasus would silence. The one thing this sport needs is new blood and this is an event that could bring just that. New fans that just might get hooked by the excitement of the event leading to their friends, etc. I personally am looking forward to this great venue !

    • jimmy ski

      Just tell the new blood to have their wallet ready for an eye popping price for a good seat .

    • Judoon

      It keeps Gun Runner around a little longer, stretches out Sharp Azteca, hopefully will have Stellar Wind against males, assembles an overall really good field that definitely warrants a GI designation… I see a lot of positives.

    • J. Nasium

      They are charging $150 for standing in the breezeway for race day. Attracting new fans they have no clue. That’s the charge to get in!

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