Partnership Formed To Run Canadian Classic Winner Breaking Lucky In Pegasus World Cup

by | 01.11.2017 | 8:09am
Luis Contreras guides Breaking Lucky to victory in the $150,000 dollar Seagram Cup Stakes Grade III at Woodbine Racetrack.

Reeves Thoroughbred Racing is pleased to announce that a deal has been reached with Gunpowder Farms and West Point Thoroughbreds to run Breaking Lucky in their starting gate position for the Inaugural running of the $12 million Pegasus World Cup Invitational to be held January 28 at Gulfstream Park.

Gunpowder Farms owner Tom Keithley is also pleased to announce that West Point Thoroughbreds and Reeves Thoroughbred Racing have also purchased an interest into Breaking Lucky.

“We are thrilled to partner with Reeves Thoroughbred Racing and West Point Thoroughbreds for the Pegasus World Cup!” says Keithley.

According to Terry Finley, President & CEO of West Point Thoroughbreds, “we bought in earlier this week knowing it was a good chance to run in the Pegasus”.

Breaking Lucky is the 5 year old chestnut son of Lookin At Lucky, out of Shooting Party by Sky Classic. Foaled in Ontario, Breaking Lucky won the Grade 3 Seagram Cups Stakes on 8-1-16 at Woodbine, and the Prince of Wales Stakes in Fort Erie. Most recently, he was second in the Clark Handicap to Gun Runner. He was ridden by Luis Contreras, and is trained by Reade Baker.

Reeves Thoroughbred Racing has partnered with RA Hill Racing, and Eric Young in their Stakeholder Position for the Pegasus World Cup.

  • Ida Lee

    Running second to Gun Runner is no easy task so the more the merrier…and a Lookin at Lucky baby …love it

    • Mr. Blues

      No easy task at all.Gun Runner is no slouch, though its unbelievable he hasn’t beaten any of his grade 1 rivals.I sure hope he gets out of quarantine and gets to Gulfsream in time to work out and get in the Pegasus.

      • Ida Lee

        How right you are …. I can’t understand the bad luck Gun Runner has had …. I too hope he makes it to the Pegasus …

        • Molly Julia

          Ida Lee – Everyone Is Worried About The Horses – How About The Fans Who Love Horses?

          • Ida Lee

            I’m sorry Molly…I’m not sure I know what your point is ….but yes we all worry about the horses….if you’re weak of heart, you do not follow horse racing….but if you do, you will be doing plenty of worrying or at least I do. Gun Runner has had more bad luck than most and I’m sure his fans are worried that he might not be out of quarantine in time to prepare for the Pegasus and I’m sure it will be very disappointing not just for his connections but also to his adoring fans.

          • Mr. Blues

            Ida I read on HRN that Gun Runner has bin get his work in while in quarantine so maybe just maybe Runner will make it in time.His quarantine started a little over a week ago and it is for 14 days the same as it was with Gulf Steam a while back.So cross your fingers

          • Ida Lee

            Thanks for the info …. I have my fingers crossed …

  • Molly Julia

    Reeves Thoroughbred Racing Needs To Drop The Prices So The Average Fan Can Go See California Chrome’s Last Race?

    • greg

      HUH?? sorry but this makes no sense. Reeves bought into a horse for the race, otherwise they have zero to do with anything related to the race

      • Lawrence R

        Most of what Molly posts make no sense. But thats o.k. She means well.

    • gus stewart

      Agree i believe this race will get bigger every year. But the admission price is way out of whack. In the future you will get more advertising dollars. But you should have a big crowd for its first running.

      • Saratoga Bob

        Gus you are right on Ive been complaining about the 100dollar admission price This is without s seat !Tha cost of the Travers is 10.00 bucks with free picnick tables.This greed will ruin the chances of increasing the fan base of a dying sport.

        • gus stewart

          Hey i like much about this whole idea, im not an mma fan but think he is a good choice to be spokesperson . I was told frank was involved with mma many years ago. This is sports entertainment,, thats what all sports are today, big biz entertaiment. You never in any sport make that much on admission to games alone. Yes its expensive to go to a sporting event but with salaries today, it not where bulk of rev comes from, media and advertising and cable deals, that the core of rev, racing has to gain media coverage excitement more then 4 times a year. The only way to do that is to get a buzz going on ontrack. Then media will want to cover more events then you can raise prices slowly when its popular. The only people who are going to pay this price to get in are they older wealthly involved in sport, and the few younger florida trust funds kids that can do it.. thats not close to enough fans to create a buzz about the first pegasus. My opinion but i do know about the process

        • Lawrence R

          But the picnic tables will all be taken .

        • Ida Lee

          Saratoga … Don’t believe everything you read….The first KD winner was Aristides in 1875 … if you’re counting, that’s 142 years this year … what makes you think horse racing is on the way out??? I think its closest competitor is the Westminster Dog Show….and that’s not going anywhere either…The Pegasus is a $12 million race (A million dollars per slot) … the money has to come from somewhere.

    • Mike Littlefeld

      Molly – you really have to get off the PEDs before commenting, “just say no to drugs”

      • Lawrence R

        Stop picking on Molly. Don’t be a bully

  • David Worley

    Assuming this horse is improving and is peaking now, Breaking Lucky is certainly capable of hitting the board in the PWC. I think his chance of beating Chrome is less than 5% but I can see why the connections would put him in this race.

    • talkingman17

      They gotta put somebody in, they payed their money.

  • Kevin Callinan

    The ‘jockeying’ for position before the horses even enter the gate has made this race even more engaging. They have America’s horse (CC), the heir apparent who only wants perfect conditions(Arrogate), the Mattress man’s Latin prayer, a top contender presently incarcerated(Gun Runner), a villain(War Story), this North of the border entry and Pletcher’s pair….. this has turned out to be a brilliant concept.

  • J


    • Will Styles

      Your wrong, horse is working great. And is improving and feeling great. Trust me I know. He won’t beat chrome. But he will light the board.

  • Lost In The Fog – Robert Lee

    Assuming that both CC and Arrogate make it to the starting gate this is a two-horse race and all other entrants are likely to finish far back in another zip code while battling it out for the remaining scraps. That was also the scenario in the BCC, why should it be any different this time?

    • davecydell

      Because it is Horse Racing.

  • john

    Todd has two horses! Neolithic is the rabbit. He had two in the Belmont. One stepped on Chrome and the other slowed the pace. I saw what Frank Dettori did in Dubai. Pushed off the rail to take Chrome five wide while allowing mubtaahij to come through on the rail. Don’t try that again please. Please give us a clean race. No gimmicks. Take him out hard and wide Vic. No one passes you on the outside especially in the stretch.

    • SPA

      You’re not making excuses for California Chrome this early, are you? If Arrogate were to scratch, California Chrome should be able to beat this field running backwards. He has accomplished more than the rest of the field combined.

  • Will Styles

    This horse will hit the board for sure, especially when arrogate scratches. He has good tactical speed and is improving each day. However Reeves is getting the short end of this deal If the horse doesn’t run 1st 2nd or third.

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