Eric Kalet’s Pegasus World Cup Photo Blog: Clash Of The Titans

by | 01.30.2017 | 8:16am
Arrogate captured the inaugural $12 miilion Pegasus World Cup.

The Paulick Report was delighted to have photographer Eric Kalet at Gulfstream Park for the inaugural running of the $12 million, G1 Pegasus World Cup.

The Pegasus World Cup brought together some of the top older horses in the country, headlined by recently crowned 2016 Horse of the Year California Chrome, and champion 3-year-old colt, Arrogate. The race would mark the second meeting between the two champions, and fans were eager to see if California Chrome could turn the tables on his rival in what would be his last race before retirement.

We hope you enjoy this inside look at the 2017 Pegasus World Cup.

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  • Jbumi

    Great pictures! Can’t decide on my favorite!!

    • Lehane

      Great pics but Arrogate didn’t look happy.

  • jbeau

    Great Race for Arrogate and Mike Smith both will be in Hall of fame I was there paid 100$ enterance fee Paid 20$ parking fee I was disappointed because I could not get any information or directions from the first 6 or 7 people security and parking attendants it was like I was in another country no one spoke English Mr Stonach calls GP world class racing what a scam the only world class racing I saw for the week was Saturday the rest of the week was pathetic mostly cheap horses who have not won 2L lots of Vet scratches at the gate never again will I go To GP I have spent a week at GP for 30 + years Feel ripped off disappointed he is not good for racing. I doubt if he can pull this off again.

    • Elle D

      Jbeau, South Florida has become a third world country, which is one of the reasons why I emigrated to Kentucky. I can’t speak for the current state of affairs at Gulfstream as it’s been about 6 years since I left, but it’s too bad it left a sour taste for you. Some nice pix of the big grey beast. The fluff that surrounded the event — not remotely interested.

    • topkat

      agree 100 percent horrible planning, they kiss your horseshoes if you were the Miami elite the rest of the crowd could go [email protected]#$%rew I was in the walking ring could have reached out and touched CC and that was the best part of my 5 day stay

  • Tromper

    What a superb album – – Eric Kalet doesn’t miss! Thanks Eric & Paulick Report!!

  • Michael Castellano

    Great photos, Eric.

  • Tinky

    Tony Dorsett looks good, and especially in contrast to (too) many ex-NFL players.

  • John

    Love the pics! It’s was a sad day for many. Something was wrong from the moment he stepped on the track. Pulling and jerking, not wanting to go in the stall, uncharacteristic of Chrome. Now everybody wants to say “hurt during the race”? If know one ever ask the question, “what if it happened before”, we will never understand why after 20+ races he is not able to run. Someone in the Chrome camp or Stonark group, is not who they appear to be. A saddle slip half way round the world in a $10 million race and now an injury in a race where he wasn’t touched. I call BS! The odds go even on Arrogate shortly before the bell. Again BS! Hey Perry Martin, subject them all to a lie detector. Especially the Baffert aligned jockey! Waiting to see what mounts you get from Baffert in the near future. If you want to be the best. You have to beat the best. That hasn’t happened. Trickery in the BCC and who knows what you did in the Pegasus? Wouldn’t that have been the race? But the deck was stacked from the beginning. Chrome never had a chance in this place. We wanted to see it but just like the Triple Crown series of so many years, 37 to be exact, it was not to be. You spend $30 million on a statue but you make a horse owners put up their own money? WTH? And how do you win 7 million when you have to put up 1 million? It seems like you should only get credit for winning 6 million since 1 million of the seven is yours. I have more questions than I have answers. There will never be another chrome. Modestly bred for under $11,000 and returned 14.7 million and could gave been well over $25 million.

    • Lehane

      If you read the previous PR articles on the Pegasus there was much commentary about Chrome’s pre-race behaviour. It was clear to me that all was not well with him and that was confirmed by his inability to perform and suffering an injury. I suspect that there were signs of an issue in his right foreleg leading into the race. I thought he was going to break down. I feel so sad that his final race was distressing for him. I adore Chrome, his action was as smooth as silk, highly intelligent, a beautiful equine body, survived the stuff up in England, he’s a real warrior. Glad you brought up his pedigree – the fact that he wasn’t bred in the purple made him unique and I especially loved him more for that fact. Agree, there”ll never be another California Chrome, that’s for sure.

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