California Chrome: X-Ray Reveals ‘No Injury’ In Right Knee

by | 01.30.2017 | 4:05pm
California Chrome in his new stall at Taylor Made Farm

After California Chrome's ninth-place finish in Saturday's Pegasus World Cup, trainer Art Sherman became concerned that the two-time Horse of the Year had perhaps developed a chip in his right knee. The big chestnut was a bit “off” on that front leg, and had developed heat and a bit of filling. California Chrome was flown to his new home at Taylor Made Farm on Sunday, and later examined by Dr. Larry Bramlage.

X-rays taken of the knee revealed no major injuries, Frank Taylor reported on Monday afternoon.

“No injury, x-rays were good, scoped good,” Taylor said. “We don't know if he just wrenched it or strained it, but it had a little filling, fluid and heat in it. We gave him bute and got him home, and it was cold and good.

“Actually, after the race the chiropractor came back and went all over him,” Taylor continued. “He thought there was something in that knee. He kind of stretched it and worked on it and he got some relief from it, got a little pop or adjustment out of it. I don't know if he did something coming out of the gate or what he did.”

California Chrome is scheduled to begin breeding test mares as soon as Wednesday.

Late on Monday afternoon, California Chrome was allowed to spend the first few hours outside in his paddock at Taylor Made, and the farm released a video of his first steps toward retirement:

  • Wildbill

    King of excuses

    • Deb Curtis Olivas

      It is amazing how , for all this horse has accomplished , not to mention how long he has stayed in the game compared to some “super horses ” , you people can’t not accept the fact he is one of the best .

    • Mr J

      Big league excuses. Im glad he wasnt hurt. His followers are classless

      • Gflores007

        Nice of you to say you’re glad he wasn’t hurt. Thank you.

      • Melann Johnston

        You are classless. He is a great horse, and it’s good that he wasn’t injured.

        • Beatriz Marcelin

          He was injured enough to affect his performance. But we are grateful that it was not a serious injury. To retire sound after 11 months of training and winning 7 out of 9 races as at 6 years old is something special. Chrome is hickory. John Henry and Chrome, HOY in non consecutive years…yeah, very special.

      • Andy in the desert

        That last sentence was really great! Ad hominem attack en mas!
        Really, what purpose does something like that serve?
        Oh, I’ve got an answer: err….exposes ones’ true self for all to see!

    • Beatriz Marcelin

      Oh be quiet. This horse has done it all and is retiring as a two time HOY. Troll elsewhere while we appreciate the champ.

  • ChromeSecretariat

    Thank goodness he’s all right. It looked to me like Victor Espinoza was looking over beyond the camera during the post parade with a very concerned expression, so I wondered if he was concerned that Chrome wasn’t his usual self. And I had never seen Chrome rear and back away from the gate.
    Though he didn’t break quite as good as usual, he did get away well and seemed to be running okay through the 1st 1/2 mile. But, turning for home it was quite evident that he wasn’t his normal self and I was glad to see Espinoza ease him to the line.
    Best luck in your new life Chrome. You provided us with plenty of thrills and excitement.

    • Mr. Blues

      I believe he was running a pretty good rase as Chrome and Arrogate were side by side going into the second turn. Chrome obviously didn’t want to run anymore going into that turn.Like you were saying though ,he has never acted up going into the gate .I was there and he acted out right in front of me going into the gate and I thought something was up going into the gate .i thought for sure he would have bin more forwardly placed at the first turn. It was then I was thinking something was wrong
      definitely not right.So glade Victor pulled up.I bashed Victor a bit much for the last ride and I’m sorry for that as i think it took a lot of courage to stop racing infront of all those fans.A true testament to just how good Victor Espinoza is.I believe California Chrome is at Taylor Made today walking ,healthy, and happy because of how great Victor is they were a match made in heaven.God bless Chromie and all his connections.

      • Mr. Blues

        Liking your sign in name…ChromeSecretariat!!!!

    • Molly Julia

      Why Did Victor Espinoza Scratch California Chrome In The 2017 Pegasus World Cup?

    • Rob B

      Clearly you didnt see the waive and thumbs up gesture 60 seconds before entering.

  • sg77

    Thank goodness.

    Well it was obvious he didn’t have his stuff, he wasn’t himself in the post parade.

    So glad he’s OK!

    Now, on to the ladies:)

  • Victoria Doyle

    Just turn the creature loose already. He’s been there before. He’s been turned out before. He knows the deal. Horses are actually very intelligent animals. Let him burn off his pent up energy before he actually does hurt himself in the stall.

    • Veronica Thomas

      Yes, let’s just let the valuable stallion loose to run after he just came out of a race with heat and swelling in his knee a few days ago.

      I’m sure he would have been turned out if he hadn’t come out of the race sore. They are being cautious for a reason.

      • Victoria Doyle

        Actually, turning him out will bring that filling down in his knee. Because there’s no actual injury as per their reports from the x-rays, then exercise would be best for him.

        • Bev

          Very glad you are not MY vet. LOL I have more common sense than that. He will do fine being hand walked. He’s no pasture plug. He’s a stallion……rocket ship. They do more damage to themselves OFF track.

        • longtimehorsewoman

          That would be very foolish.

    • David Sullivan

      You know someone asked me the other day if there was anybody who knew more about handling a stud than TaylorMade. I wish I would have known to say ” Yes, Victoria Doyle knows more than TaylorMade “.

      • Beatriz Marcelin

        heh, brilliant. ;)

        • Bev

          LOL good one.

    • Rob B

      There’s a process with any layup. CC was treated like royalty and even he was in his stall 22+ hours a day minimum. They dont just let them off the shank and let them run into acres of open land. They get them used to surrondings then most likely a small turnout pen before a larger one or an open field. They let them unwind a bit first. Where is he more likely to hurt himself? A stall the size of the one he’s been in daily for 6 years or acres of unfamiliar land when just coming off the racetrack 2 days ago? He will be fine believe me.

      • David Sullivan

        You are absolutely right. There is a process. I would imagine it will be awhile before Chrome is off the shank in a paddock.

        • katwalk

          He could easily go directly from the shank to the Ace.. . .

          • David Sullivan

            You are correct. That will probably be the next step. But you most likely won’t get a video of it.

          • Gallop123

            Ace is never given to stallions because, however unusual, there is a possibility of penile paralysis.

          • David Sullivan

            Yes you are right however there are other things they can give.

          • katwalk

            Yes, I contemplate that every time the gelding gets it – of course that would be a cosmetic issue. . . ; )

          • Tim Getersher

            isn’t that why there is viagra

          • cigarsmom

            An awful thing to deal with. Remember Pleasant Colony? It ended his stud career. It’s just awful. You have to deal with flies, possible sunburn, keep what hangs out very clean. I won’t even get into the other issues such as urination,etc.

      • Victoria Doyle

        It’s not unfamiliar land to him, he’s been turned out there in the past. After Dubai he was turned out there. He knows where he is and he knows that he gets turned out there.

        • Bev

          WELL, he’s never seen SNOW let alone romped full speed on frozen icy ground. Easy doing a little bit at a time is best. THEY know best. YOU go play around with your own horse. Taylor Made is in the Horse business. they have one injury to tend to which is enough. He’s never experienced snow/ice and all that. They hand walk all over the place every day. BEST to keep then IN HAND too. Not just turned loose. ANY horse you own, geldings, mares, all need a lot of hand walking which teaches them etiquette. There are rules they need to know. Chrome as well as all other race horses are WELL BEHAVED. You never just turn them out wild and leave them there….and in a week or two expect them to “Come when they are called”. Manners is class. You get farer selling a horse with manners. Can take them anywhere. AND anybody can handle them. He’s a frisky boy as we’ve seen when he was there a few other times. He’s injured right now and needs a buddy system to walk him around until the whole setting isn’t so new to him. He see’s Mshawish over there flying around and WOULD run his own paddock with him. Can’t do that RIGHT NOW. In a week or so he can.

    • longtimehorsewoman

      That is good advice – for a horse who had not been confined for a several months, and who is not injured. Running around on an injury that may be nothing, can make it into something.

  • Dr. Fager

    Glad he got bute. That did him a lot more than a chiropractor waving his hands over him.

    • Melann Johnston

      Dr. Bramlage is from Rood and Riddle he’s is one of the best. NOT a chiropractor.

      • Beatriz Marcelin

        read the article. Dr. Fager is not referring to Dr. Bramlage.

        • Melann Johnston

          Copied from above article…California Chrome was flown to his new home at Taylor Made Farm on Sunday, and later examined by Dr. Larry Bramlage.

          • Rox

            He has/had a chiropractor as well; for roughly the last 18 months or so; and they also talk about him in the above article as well. They ran another article about him recently; a Don Moore. Try a search “Chiropractor finds racehorse California Chrome to be a model patient”.
            No one is confusing that with Dr. Bramlage. It’s a neat story either way.

          • Beatriz Marcelin

            C&P from above article:

            “Actually, after the race the chiropractor came back and went all over him,” Taylor continued. “He thought there was something in that knee. He kind of stretched it and worked on it and he got some relief from it, got a little pop or adjustment out of it. I don’t know if he did something coming out of the gate or what he did.”

      • Ruffian31

        The article also mentions he was handled by a chiropractor.

  • Erinc

    There was no chip, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a hidden soft tissue injury.

    • Cynthia

      yes, soft tissue injury doesn’t usually show up. The fact that he was “off” on the jog but not the walk would point to something like that.

      • GoonrGrrl

        He IS off at the walk, visibly short on the RF in both TMF videos. I’d sure rather he have hot dates with an ultrasound and a Theraplate and a week off than start breeding mares right away.

        • Bev

          He’s favoring it which is a good thing. He’s smart in taking care of himself. Many of us noticed on the walk over to the Pegasus race he was stopping dead and wouldn’t “walk on” and other things. Probably knew he shouldn’t run on his leg , even at that time. Glad he backed down and fell back himself. Victor tried to get him GOING but knew something was wrong. SMART horse. Smart Team.

          • Melann Johnston

            I happened during the race. He always stops and looks around. He loves the camera.

          • Rob B

            Best doctors in the world didnt detect it in pre race inspection and Victor didnt feel anything while at a gallop pre race but Bev the horse whisperer knew something was wrong. The horse is fine, stop with the Monday morning trainer and vet talk.

          • cane68

            Trainer detected a problem pre race. Did not tell jockey.Did not scratch the horse. The trainer may not have been involved with the walk over, but certainly the grooms should have been told by the trainer the horse was showing signs of lameness, to watch for it and to report to trainer any symptoms, or behavioral characteristics indicating lameness, like stopping before entering saddling area. Just wondering if the grooms were employees of the owner, or track? in either case, they had an obligation to report any suspected issues to the trainer, vet, stewards, jockey, owners whether or not they were tipped off by the trainer.
            What about a track chiropractor, never heard of this. There was obviously soft tissue injury which is why the horse apparently gave up at the 5/8 pole as per the jockey. this being the case he should have pulled up the horse.
            This was not a smart team, it was NO team.

        • Suz

          I agree after watching the videos. Am so disappointed in Taylor Made that they are not more concerned with getting him well first, before they start breeding him. They said, “if he can walk he can breed, starting test breeding today Wednesday. To me this is just not right. If he was in Art Sherman’s barn you can be sure they’d be helping him get better as top priority before anything else. Poor Chrome, I hope they find out what is wrong and that he is able to get better and not worse while he is being used for breeding. :(

          • Marilyn Shively

            I am disappointed in Taylor Made as well. I didn’t like that cold-hearted comment” if he can walk he can breed”– very disappointing indeed

          • disqus_g7VMcXYmfs

            I totally understand what you are saying- but honestly- do you think California Chrome would say:
            Hmm, hey, I see that hot mare over there, but, my knee may be a bit sore, so NO Thanks, I really don’t want to cover her-
            He’s a STALLION- I bet a few bucks, he would opt for a breeding rather than get prodded by therapists. Just a guess.

          • longtimehorsewoman

            The choice should not belong to the horse. If you had a teenage son in puberty, do you feel he’s competent to make good decisions about sex? Or life for that matter? It is our job to care for horses when they do not understand risks, dangers, etc. Since the injury is not a chip or fracture, it is by default soft tissue. Any doctor will tell you a sprain takes longer to heal than a fracture. Yes, CC will probably be fine – but that is far from guaranteed.

          • David Sullivan

            The bottom line is there is nothing wrong with him. End of story.

          • Carla Parrillo

            He. Is healing. It was shown that there was fluid in his leg and he probably pulled it to aggregate the fluid building up.

      • Bev

        Frank Taylor said he didn’t limp on the way back to his stall after the race but later when all the adrenaline wore off…he was head bobbing on the right leg. Art felt fluid. I bet he probably twisted it out of socket or something. Sounds like the Chiropractor POPPED it back in. My jaw does that a lot if I open my mouth too wide yawning or trying to take a bite. TMJ. Pops out of socket. He seems fine hand walking in this video. They won’t turn him out alone for awhile. Just hand walk him. Looks happy and relaxed back home there. Knows Gilberto and the groom there. Raul is still with him too. BOY, my heart hit the ground when he backed off in the race. MAN, that is not like CC. Scared me. But he’ll be fine. He’s retired. YAY. Such a good boy.

    • Lehane


    • Molly Julia

      Erinc – Scratch California Chrome In The 2017 Pegasus World Cup – Arrogate Goes Off 1-9 – No Show Wagering – $100,000 To Show?

  • Brian Duntugan

    Thankfully California Chrome is alright w/ out any further damage 2 his knee. Best of recovery in time 4 the breeding season.

  • Ida Lee

    Chrome is OK, I’m OK. Thank you for the wonderful video. To see him so happy in his new home had me in tears. He was acting like a yearling…and he looked his usual gorgeous self in what appeared to be a new blanket. Can’t wait to see him at Taylor Made…

    • Judy Gaddis

      Me too, Ida………..didn’t he look wonderful? (And I see below that our troll, Mr. J. is back trying to get a argument started………..I t’aint giving him the time of day this go around LMAO!) Hope all here do the same!)

      • Mr J

        I guess those excuses were all for naught.Show some class Judy,Judy,Judy 😭

        • Andy in the desert

          Give it a rest woulja!

      • Ida Lee

        Morning Judy…let’s give Mr. J a chance. He thinks Secretariat is a job opening at Churchill Downs.

  • D. Barillaro

    He looks great! He will get excellent care at Taylor Made Farm. Glad there isn’t a serious injury with him.

  • billy


  • Faith Farinholt

    Chrome is a gorgeous animal! I am going to miss seeing him race..I became a follower after seeing him win at my first Kentucky Derby visit in 2014..I find it sad that some people post the most heartless comments, such as King of excuses! He has been such an asset to thoroughbred racing..please give him the respect he deserves!

    • Roanne


  • Tammy Fese

    Thank goodness its nothig serious. Maybe just a little wrench of the knee. But big thing hes going to be ok. Long live king chrome

  • KAY

    They needed to do a MRI. The people at my barn would have and we don’t have a million dollar horse. Th

    • David Sullivan

      If you read between the lines I think it means it’s no big deal and never was a big deal.

    • Rob B

      Im pretty sure they would have if he were still in training. If you walk sound you can breed so if X-ray is clean and he’s not showing any signs lameness he’s fine.

  • katwalk

    Good to see him loving life. It’s odd though, to me he does look a little gimpy on the right front at ~20 seconds when he’s walking up the incline. I don’t see him protecting it when he rears though.
    Horses. . . . .

    • Rob B

      Over analyzing a bit? With the investment they have in this horse if he was “gympy” he would be on stall rest and shedrow walking only. Not rolling around in the dirt. He ran a bad race, he seemed a bit sore afterwards. There’s a difference between sore and injured. Every one of them has been sore before for one reason or the other. Either way he’s living the dream now. I hope he has good swimmers.

      • katwalk

        Actually I also noticed he didn’t roll all the way over, a sign of a sore back, LOL. It’s nothing I don’t notice in my own horses. . . . As I said, it’s use specific, and walking up the hill may have loaded the knee enough to cause him to protect it. Given that I’ve been a skeptic about the pronouncement, to see him slightly protect it was a surprise. Yes, there’s a difference between “sore” and “injured”, but swelling and heat isn’t “sore”.

        • Bev

          MANY horses don’t roll all the way . YOU don’t want to see your horse do that really. Can twist an intestine or get stuck half way like my girlfriends horse. Front half STAYED and back half rolled over. Was twisted. Couldn’t flip himself over. We had to rope his legs and PULL him over. HAD to call a vet. BEST if you see a horse go down and roll on one side…get up and go down to roll on the other. You NEVER KNOW what will happen day by day with any horse.

          • katwalk

            There’s absolutely no truth in your second sentence whatsoever. Horses actually roll when they feel colicky to try to “readjust” their inners/get more comfortable. Unlike humans, the horse’s gut is free floating (not attached) which can cause it to more easily be displaced, but can also aid in correcting displacement. I’ve seen vets sedate horses and then roll them to try and relieve colic.
            There may be a reason why some horses don’t roll that way. . . .
            Your friend’s horse sounds like it has some serious physical issues.

          • longtimehorsewoman

            Nice to hear from someone who knows more than “common knowledge” about horses. There are a lot of old wives’ tales and misinformation about horses that is accepted as fact. Rolling is one of those. People freak out over nothing. All horses roll, except those too crippled to get up and down. If rolling was so dangerous we wouldn’t have horses, they would have died out long ago. Mares also roll to help position the foal before birth. People freak out unnecessarily when horses lie down to sleep. The belief that if they lie down for more than half an hour they will die, for Heaven’s sake. i think horses know when they should get up. I have had horses lie down for an hour. And some for longer if the weather has been rainy for a few days. Cows are big, and they lie down for hours.

        • Rob B

          Wow, this is past the point of over analyzing.

          • katwalk

            And reading for comprehension is fundamental. .. ; )

      • Bev

        he was trying to tell them something was wrong all the way over to get saddled at the Pegasus. AND rearedup a couple times on the track walk over to the gates. Tried to get Victor off AT the gates rearing up. Didn’t want to load in. He was either sore, not feeling good OR didn’t WANT Victor on him?

        • Molly Julia

          Bev – Scratch California Chrome, But The Racetrack Said No Too Much Dinero Bet On The Race?

        • Rob B

          So rearing up is now a definite sign of physical distress? Wow, learn something new everyday from all the doctors on here diagnosing a horse they’ve never looked at in person.

          • joey

            Hahahaha oh my gosh. Rob what in God’s name is wrong with these people? He didnt roll all the way over so he is not well? He reared up before race so he is in distress? Hahaha. A chiropractor popped a knee after a race? I’ve never in my life heard such crazy things. This horse just makes people dumb I think.

          • longtimehorsewoman

            I agree. Some horses never roll over all the way and some do. Stallions appear to enjoy rearing and do it for fun. I had a stallion back in the 80’s who would come running at full bore when called, slide to a stop before he hit the fence, turn and rear, clapping his hooves together. Was very cool to see. There was nothing wrong with him – he was happy. And what we call the knee on the front leg is actually the equivalent of our wrist. The stifle is the equivalent of our knee. Do not know what a chiropractor could pop on the “knee”.

          • Curt Muth

            Nothing in the Carpal joint to “pop”.

    • pabski

      Agree that he looks a little ouchy during the initial walk.

    • Bev

      They are their worse enemies when turned out loose. GLAD to see him hand walked for awhile. LOL THEY know horses. :)

  • Stephanie Vangel Lambert

    I am happy he is done racing, every time he left the gate the world held its breath. Now we can breath❤

    • Bev

      Well put.

  • Priscilla Andrews

    great horse, absolutely the best in this era…Long live the King….. Thanks to TM for saving this brilliant being…. I am glad he is retired before some thing worse can happen., Will miss him every day. Love him forever.

  • tony a

    Let all hold hands and sing kum-ba -ya.

  • joeyinempirestate

    He’s happy as a clam on that farm, God Bless Him! TM are the biggest Chromies of all, thank you

  • Mindy

    those closeups of his left fore, that’s not from pinfiring, is it?

    • David Sullivan

      I thought same thing at first but it looks different from any pinfired horse I’ve ever seen.

      • Rob B

        I was surprised to see that myself. It sure looked like that to me.

      • Mindy

        I thought so, too, but it was the only thing I could think of

    • guest horse

      It’s from the bandages

    • Lawrence R

      I noticed that leg. Not pin firering ,more than likely it was iced.

    • Gallop123

      Those are ripples in the hair from years of wearing bandages.

  • Cheryl Lombardi

    So thankful, and he looks great, congrats Chrome on your retirement, you deserve it!! Lots of love!

  • MoiraC

    I am so glad Chrome is safe, and that Victor realized he did not want to run fast. Never saw Chrome not want to go into the starting gate before. Thought of Many Clouds, who ran his heart out and paid for it with his life.

  • Heidi Johnson

    It is great to see all the CC love in these comments. And not all the hate for CC there is in the comments on bloodhorse.

    • Minneola

      No kidding! It was toxic. And with some of the most unbelievable comments, which were allowed to stand.

  • Elsie Martus

    Free to run healthy and no one on my back plus, ladies for we on Wednesday !!! WOW, I think I’M going to enjoy my new life style . P.S. Don’t forget my favorite treats .

  • delrene

    Oh, such a beautiful horse. Looking so very happy. What a wonderful life ahead. You have done so much for the sport. A superb class act . Thank you to all who loved and cared for him. We will miss him in California, but what a reason to return to Kentucky for a visit. Thank you for the video.

  • Audrey Gulla

    Thanks TM for this wonderful video! When I went to their Facebook page & viewed CC’ s post race bath I got very concerned seeing his right knee was softball sized & much larger than his left. No new interviews seemed to be forthcoming…..bit frustrating. Seeing this video made me smile & brought tears to my eyes. Have a long healthy retirement Champ……..the ladies are lining up…:)

    • Minneola

      And, it looked like the swelling in his knee had gone down as compared to the videos and photos we saw right after that race. CC does look like he is going to be thinking that he just won the prize of the year to be able to enjoy his life at Taylor Made, its pastures, great care, and all of those equine ladies waiting to dance with him. Puts a smile on my face as well.

  • Ken

    If CC was not right in post parade as I have read here, why did he race? Just because of the Pegasus Cup and if he scratched while on post parade, ALL HELL WOULD HAVE BROKEN OUT!!!

  • DeePet

    I have an OTTB (last race Sept. 29, 2016) mare who fractured the accessory carpal bone in her RF the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The bone is in five distinct pieces. A bony callus has formed, and she is now sound at the walk and grade 1-2 at a trot. Trotting was recently added as part of her PT, and sometimes she thinks she can do more than she should. She’s performed caprioles, countless bucks, a few rears, and a bunch of double-barreled kicks. The next day she’ll be a little sore, but a few days later she’ll be back at it again. My point to this story is my mare has a confirmed injury but it hasn’t stopped her from wanting to celebrate physically.

  • albert

    He accomplished a career starting with a minimum investment along with such horses John Henry giving the opportunity to many to know that it doesn’t take a lot of money to make lots it only took lots of luck passion and know how congrats to all Parties again also the I know the farm is the finest

  • Leonard

    No injury, x-rays negative. I knew it, when C.C. got next to Arrogate & he looked him in the eye he got a flash back of the B.C.C. & the race was over. C.C. is just like his jockey if they aren’t going to win he stands up on the horse & quits riding. There was nothing wrong with C.C. & to run an make excuses right away that he seems off, swollen knee, shows poor sportsmanship. What a let down C.C. was in his last two major races when running against real competition. Sure when you race him at Los Al against inferior competition he looks like a world Beater, but as we all saw that is not the case against real competition. All races he won were a case of being at the right place every at the right time an 11 loses in just 27 starts doesn’t make for a once in a real champion IMO. Good luck in stud duty an let’s hope C.C. Doesn’t pull up in stud once he realizes he isn’t capable. Bad habits hard to break.

    • Noelle

      What a very ugly comment. Unless you’re God (maybe you think you are) you have no idea what the horse thought or felt.

      • DDAmasa

        Chrome has a group of trolls that follow every bit of news on him just to make negative comments. Pity their sad lives.

  • Tom Fleming

    I was confident that there was no injury to ‘Chrome in the Pegasus. If you watch the race, just before the last turn at about the 3/16ths pole, Espinoza is whipping Chrome to attempt to get him in the race. Obviously at this point of the race, Espinoza felt that Chrome wasn’t injured, and was attempting to have ‘Chrome re-engage, which he never did. Espinoza did not persevere ‘Chrome through the stretch because he knew his mount was finished. Off to the breeding shed still sound.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Breaking news : Chrome to return to racing for next yrs. P.W.C. is what is being thrown around based on comments made by F. Taylor. Are they kidding me, enough let the horse retire in peace & in a few yrs. most likely will be sold to overseas intrest once he doesn’t pan out in the breeding shed here in the states.

  • snazzygirl

    You guys are so sweating the small stuff. Taylor Made knows what to do. Chrome didn’t run his race….enough said. Let him move on to his next phase of life, and we’ll begin to see in the next 3-4 years what he can do as a stud.

  • Bev

    LOL……I LOVE how when CC see’s Gilberto…..he rears up just a little. In every video he see’s Gilberto Chrome shows him “see, I can do it”. AND in this video he rears up for Gilberto even again. He remembered. SMART HORSE. LOL Actually in one of the older video’s when CC was there for 90 days, Gilberto was like Shooshing him…with his Chrome would run away. WELL, Chrome took is as…….”stand up” every time Gilberto Shooooshed him with both arms he’d rear up a little. LOL What a cute video that is. It’s at Chromes page. AND on YouTube. Looks like CC will be fine now. THANK GOD. He’ll have no problem this week starting Phase 2 , his next career, meeting his test mares. ;) and he’ll be ready for his own mares Feb. 14th. :D GO CHROME.

    • joeyinempirestate

      Gilberto is part horse, that’s where the chemistry comes from…all the studs adore him

      • Elle D

        It runs in the family. He took over after his brother Eduardo departed TM. Was glad to hear Taylor give Gilberto credit at the Eclipse awards.

  • Julie Becker

    Chromes Looking Good and Frisky. I’m glad he is ok. Glad the Chiropractor could pop it back in. My jaw does that when I yawn really wide. It cracks. Looking forward to seeing little Chromie Babies next year.

  • Molly Julia

    California Chrome – Jockey Javier Castellano or Jose Ortiz Not Victor Espinoza To Much Conflict Of Interest With Bob Baffert -2017 Pegasus World Cup?

  • ctgreyhound

    Seems that settling in is not an issue for Chrome. Happy & frisky as expected. Chrome could grace the Hollywood red carpet with aplumb & outshine most of the human elites.

  • Horsewithaheartofgold

    I believe that Dortmund could have taken that Pegasus given the right post at that distance. Maybe next year. Doubt that will happen because about 8 or 9 sponsors will probably loose money. Gonna be harder next year. Would liked to have seen the full Chrome on the loose again but when Arrogate was wagered the favorite right before the race, and I saw how Chrome’s behavior changed going into the box I got a sick feeling in my stomach. I love this horse so much! He is what America and horse racing needed in times like these! The people’s champ! I can’t pronounce Arrogate’s owner’s name?

  • Helen Stevens

    I am so glad that the tender joint is in the front so that it will not interfere with his gentleman duties. Chrome has been racing since age two, and has been a superb spokesman for the racing world. He is the champ, and he deserves all the pleasures and perks found at world-class Taylor Made Farm. Enjoy yourself, Chrome, and make lots of beautiful Little Chromes and Chromettes!

    • cigarsmom

      Actually, a knee is an issue with a stallion. Last thing you want is their front knees,etc sore. They get sore, a stallion will not mount. Lower leg fine, but not the knees.

      • longtimehorsewoman

        Thank you.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    The name of Chromes injury is called ARROGATE THE WORLD’S BEST RACE HORSE…. So unsportsmanlike of Chromes camp to make excuses for both times ARROGATE beat him, first it was Victor’s showboat ride cost him B.C.C. @ now the new excuses is he hurt his knee & has filling. After taking x-rays What a surprise no injury, so now he has soft tissue injury which doesn’t show up in x-rays is the new excuses. The only injury Chrome has is he couldn’t beat ARROGATE period. Better horse won both times & he beat Chrome when at the peak of his condition he has ever been. Too bad connections couldn’t be sportsman like & just say we got beat by a better horse period. Sad way to end a career filled with excuses instead of praising the winner both times.

    • joeyinempirestate

      Of course something was bugging him, at first I thought flipped palate or air problem. And the Chrome of Dubai 2016 was the best he ever was, by far.

    • Lawrence R

      Rusty you are so full of it. And your self righteousness.You have made a few stupid comments in your ignorant statement.

    • Minneola

      Please…. Soft tissue injuries would not show up in x-rays. Need ultrasounds/MRIs for that. Next time, please try educating yourself before posting such nonsense!

  • Always Curious

    He is glad to be home! Where is the king. All the same behavior as the video of his rest there in 2015. Love the boy! Let’s see if his overcoming the odds carries on to the breeding shed. I am looking forward to seeing that new job be a success also.

  • Molly Julia

    Victor Espinoza Pulled Up California Chrome In The Stretch – Can Everyone Get Their Money Back?

  • Meydan Rocks

    So he threw in a clunker. On the backside, as he matched strides with Arrogate, you could just see Arrogate flowing forward with incredible force. Chrome’s action was choppy especially when you looked at their heads. You could sense it was just a matter of time; and then that seam opened and with a giant Woosh – he was gone!

  • Horsewithaheartofgold

    Would somebody please investigate this case. We need to know! Journalists don’t even do any original reporting anymore. No new news, just report what they have been told. The horse didn’t try after 24 races and nobody seems to be concerned? Somebody got to this horse. Check bank accounts, phone records, where abouts, etc. Done with the dumb stuff.

  • Elle D

    Seemingly, the only “injury” was to the Id.

  • Doug Chambers

    Love that video. Warms the heart to see him there. He seems happy. I’m so happy for him. Not only is he a great race horse, but he has to be the best-looking I have ever seen. Whether there was an injury that bothered him or not, it was apparent he didn’t want to run that day. Leading up to race day, I saw tell-tale signs that he may not be into it, and then race day there were more. Either way, its all good. He have given and given to all for years and owes us nothing.

    First, thanks for the video Taylor Made and Paulick Report.
    Second, I’ve been curious to know, does anyone know if a California Chrome movie is in the works?

    I find the story spectacular. The all-around odds this horse beat is nothing short of miraculous. Maybe it needs to be pitched to Hollywood.

    • Minneola

      It does seem that Chrome has been a movie-in-the-making since he was born. If there was ever a movie about a race horse that would capture the attention and imaginations to even non-racing fans, this is the horse: California Chrome!

      • longtimehorsewoman


        • Doug Chambers

          Me too. I’m reminded of the Seabiscuit movie with all the odds they beat. California Chrome’s story has much of that too, if not more. Seabiscuit was a great movie, and believe Chrome’s story is too.

      • Doug Chambers

        Absolutely. He’s given so much, even when it wasn’t easy. As mentioned, seeing the tell-tale signs, then race day, what I heard from the horse was, “I don’t want to run, not into it.” Sometimes that’s what it takes for retirement to take place and that is perfectly fine.

        Like an athlete can walk away, a horse should be able to too. Unfortunately, sometimes they are loaded anyway, but it is great to see a jockey take the cues and not push the issue.

        Can’t wait for the movie.

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