California Chrome Scheduled To Breeze Next Saturday

by | 11.13.2016 | 7:31pm
California Chrome at Santa Anita prior to the Breeders' Cup

Breeders' Cup Classic runner-up California Chrome has been scheduled for a half-mile breeze next Saturday at his home base of Los Alamitos, according to the Daily Racing Form.

“He came out of it good. He's a remarkable horse,” said trainer Art Sherman. “I'll give him an easy half next Saturday. I've got to do something with him. He's pretty strong.”

The 5-year-old son of Lucky Pulpit is scheduled to make his next start in the Jan. 28 Pegasus World Cup, before retiring to stud duty at Taylor Made Farm in Kentucky. While Sherman has wavered on whether or not California Chrome would receive a prep race before the Pegasus, he does intend to send the gallant chestnut to Gulfstream Park well in advance of the race so that he can work over the surface.

  • Jenna Heusi

    This was a blessing on my newsfeed lol. No more politics-give me more chrome!

    • Meydan Rocks

      Here you go:


      VICTOR ESPINOZA shouldn’t beat himself up over California Chrome’s defeat.
      He was looking for excuses after the great horse suffered his first loss of the
      season in the Breeders’ Cup Classic, but the excuse is simple: he was beaten by another great horse.

      Sure, the losing rider might have increased the tempo at halfway or started
      his run sooner, but the fact is the run he got from California Chrome would
      have been good enough to win nine of the last ten Classics. It’s hard to
      account for Arrogate being even better.

      In the end both horses produced career-best performances. Arrogate ran to an RPR of 136, which should see him crowned world champion at the end of the year, while California Chrome ran to 135, which puts him in a clear second on the world list.

      • Mr. Blues

        Nice post

  • Molly Julia

    We Can’t Believe Art Sherman Will Keep Victor Espinoza On California Chrome For The 2017 World Pegasus Cup At Gulfstream Park – 1/28/17?

    • mvb

      WTF?!?! Just because they were beaten in one race, change jockeys? That’s stupid, and shows you know nothing about horse training. Why do you think Baffert didn’t change jockeys after AP and Victor lost the Travers?

      • Mr. Moo

        No kidding

      • John

        I would have changed after the Belmont. I know, they will say he was stepped on. Should have been out quicker. Not to mention the BCC last year. Dropped back too far for no reason missed by a neck? He’s to close to Baffert! This one cost the team over 3 million dollars with the bonus minus second place winnings.

        • John

          Oh, forgot to mention how close Shared Belief stayed to Cali Chrome. No separation at all. Same mistake against Arrogate! Cali Chrome runs the turns. That is one of his advantages and VE didn’t accelerate. Just one race, not true! Rafael Bejerano would be my choice as long as someone explains California Chrome’s speed in the turns to him.

          • mvb

            In case you’ve forgotten, and obviously you have, CC was completely worn out in the Belmont, VE even said so when he got on CC to warm him up, he didn’t feel right. The reason he got stepped on was because he didn’t get out of the gate quickly enough. And CC wasn’t in the BCC last year, dumbass, he was in it in 2014 against Bayern. CC came back on the turf and won, then yes, he lost to Shared Belief, which was OK, that was supposed to be a prep for the Dubai WC in 2015, which he also didn’t win, but again, not VE’s fault. You cannot blame the jockey for the horses’ lameness, especially when no one knows what is exactly wrong. I suggest you read the Sports Illustrated article out just before the 2016 BCC. It will tell you all about CC’s lameness and why he is so much better and stronger now. To suggest RB is stupid, did he win the TC? the DWC? the BCC?

        • Chris Miskell

          Which Classic were you watching? In 2014, Chrome was never more than two lengths off of the lead the entire race. As far as him being too close to Baffert, I don’t know how you can say that after all of the negative press from both sides over the past few months.

    • Mr. Blues

      He’ll be riding him.although Sherman may put blinkers on Victor as well

      • mvb

        Oh really?!?! Get a grip please! You people are like all naysayers and ship jumpers whenever something goes wrong. CC and VE haven’t lost only one important race before, do you really think the rest of the connections didn’t consider making changes, and didn’t? They trust the Shermans and they trust Victor, so just shut up!!!

        • Mr. Blues

          That was said as a joke.If you want to know how I really feel read the post above…thats who I am.A loyal fan since Chrome was earning points to get in the derby .
          Man some people are so touchy!
          Chrome lost the race that day to a better prepared jockey and a better prepared horse but will hope for a win in the Pegasus

        • Phillip

          Victor never looked back 15 times in Dubai. The race could have been called fixed. All i know we were all yellin what are doing victor.

      • Tyrone Floyd


        • Mr. Blues

          Glade to see someone gets the joke…Victor is one of my favorite’s jockeys.Chrome is my favorite horse.

      • ForLoveOfTheGame

        GOOD ONE! LOL!!!!!!!!

  • Delrene

    Will it probably be around 5:30 a.m.? Would love to be there to watch him.

  • Mr. Blues

    I’ve bin a fan all year round for a few years now and I just can’t ever remember a jockey look around as much as Victor did in that last race.I bet in the Pegasus you will see none of that.He will once again go on the lead and pay attention to Chrome and the finish line…California Chrome will retire with a win in his last race and Victor will make sure of that…..

    • Mr. Blues

      And the Sherman’s as well

  • Audrey Gulla

    Like so many others I’m also an ardent admirer of CC. He’s so very talented & you’d have to be blind not to see how drop dead gorgeous he is!? …So thank you team CC for giving us more time to worship. Bring on the videos….we’re all out here ‘chomping on the bit’ so to speak waiting.:)

  • Tyrone Floyd

    I hope he runs a prep race in December. I’d love to see him run a hard 1 1/16.

  • ForLoveOfTheGame

    I just PRAY they take the blinkers off and let the horse do his best this time! If Chrome could see Arrogate (or whoever) coming, I think there would be a very different outcome. Just sayin . . .

  • Phillip

    He wins by 3 lenghts easy arrogate wouldnt have caught him. Bad ride by victor. Mike smith never looked back for beholder. And notice he didnt look back to see if any horse was coming behind him. Oh well will see Chrome destroy the field in Pegasus race. Called Trump destroying hillary easy. Media and experts were all wrong. Im calling this easy win for Chrome.

    • Bella

      Thanks..great to hear an uplifting comment for gorgeous Chrome, loved him even before his Kentucky Derby win..Always had faith in him and nothing can change that.

    • Hillary is going to end up with almost 2 million more votes. Arrogate will never lose to Chrome. He is the better horse.

      • Boknows

        Yea illegal votes!! They estimated that 3 million Illegals voted in the race! Trump won by real votes. California Chrome Wins without question. Go Chrome Go!!

        • Meg Hiers

          but fake news. Much like the the so-called “3 million illegals”

          • redo

            Nope the fake news was Hillary Clinton leading in the polls. She never led in the polls that both democrats and republicans had.

        • Michael Castellano

          Total fiction made up by Trumpeters. Both candidates were Wall Street lackeys, but one is an absolute fool and fascist. Picks a well known white supremacist and anti-Semite as his chief of staff. He’ll make America great. Sure. . . . .

  • tony a

    So they want to work him into the race, are they going to breeze him 9 times?

  • Why can’t Chromies just admit Arrogate was just better than Chrome on Breeder’s Cup day. Saying Victor cost him the race is ridiculous. Chrome ran the fastest he has ever run and still could not beat Arrogate. Quit acting like sore losers.

    • Elle D

      It’s horseracing, people. So many variables. Arrogate and Smith just better on the day.

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