Kentucky House Passes Permanent Breeders’ Cup Incentive Measure

by | 02.13.2018 | 8:48am

The Kentucky House of Representatives on Monday passed a measure to make permanent the Breeders' Cup incentive, a move aimed at permanently attracting one of horse racing's biggest annual events to the Horse Capital of the World.

“Passage of this measure will place Kentucky on competitive ground with other states and venues,” said bill sponsor David Osborne, a Republican from Oldham County who is a Thoroughbred owner and breeder. “Churchill Downs has the opportunity to possibly be named to a permanent rotation of locations, and they have made more than $100 million in investments to secure the Breeders' Cup. A permanent incentive from Kentucky will send the right message.”

The Breeders' Cup World Championships is horse racing's end-of-year championships, which features two days of racing and the best horses from around the globe. Currently, the Breeders' Cup World Championships moves around the country each year. In 2015, Keeneland in Lexington hosted the event for the first time, and Churchill Downs is set to host the 2018 version. This year marks the ninth time Churchill Downs will have hosted the Breeders' Cup, most recently in 2011.

The incentive, which has been passed for previous Breeders' Cups in Kentucky and in other states, is an exemption of the state's pari-mutuel tax on live racing for the event and considered a key element in hosting the Breeders' Cup.

The current Breeders Cup incentive in Kentucky ended at the end of 2017.

  • Noli Timere

    Taking care of the horse racing industry while ignoring the state highway system and state retirement system.

    Not a very good reputation for the State House members and State Senate members.

    • venetian

      No problem understanding your frustration, but let’s understand something. If the Breeders cup were not here, you wouldn’t have access to the money anyway. There are many spinoff’s of monies when the BC comes to anybody’s town and the City and State take in plenty…Once again it must be HERE to Capitalize on the situation. You might want to look at what the State did with the retirement monies for the correct answer…They just borrowed it for a short time (read long), the people that passed those Bills are long since dead and we are left holding the bag.

      • Noli Timere

        The Breeders Cup should be implemented without government “incentives”.

        Also, if this was the last bill passed in the session, after all other more important state business was resolved, the legislators would not look so foolish.

        Plus it will be interesting to see how many of these government hacks will be given front row seats and “loot” when the BC takes place.

        Kind of self serving in my book, unless not a single one of them ever shows up for the event.

        • Decimus_D

          I agree, I hate this logic. We get it around my way for one time events and movie filming. So these guys get to come in for a couple days and not pay their share? Meanwhile Joes Pizza Shack, who is here year round, gets to pay day in and day out. Does he not create jobs? Does he not help employ the cheese maker and the mechanic to fix the delivery cars. I wish these politicians would take a rudimentary economics class, its pretty close to the broken window fallacy playing out over and over.

          • Noli Timere

            Same for Sports Teams wanting taxpayer funded stadiums.

            TICKETS should pay for the stadiums.

            I can live just fine without any of it.

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