Farishes Join Water Hay Oats Alliance, Support Horseracing Integrity Act Of 2017

by | 12.06.2017 | 11:04pm
Will Farish and son Bill: "Those who stand in the way of the Horseracing Integrity Act of 2017 are becoming increasingly isolated and their opposition to the bill harder to justify."

Will and Bill Farish of the famed Lane's End Farm in Versailles, Ky., have joined the Water Hay Oats Alliance (WHOA) as supporting members.  The father and son shared their perspective in the following statement:

“We are joining WHOA to hopefully add some momentum to the effort in Washington to pass legislation that would mandate uniform testing for all racing jurisdictions in the United States.

“It should be obvious to all that true uniform testing and doping control will never come about in our country unless it is federally mandated.  Those who stand in the way of the Horseracing Integrity Act of 2017 are becoming increasingly isolated and their opposition to the bill harder to justify.

“We would like to ask all owners and breeders to encourage your representatives in Washington to support this important effort and  once and for all, to achieve true uniform testing standards for our sport.” – Will and Bill Farish, Lane's End Farm.

In addition to their operation of Lane's End, a leading stallion, breeding and consignment business, the Farishes maintain a sizable racing operation in their names and in partnerships. They have served on boards or led numerous racing organizations, including Breeders' Cup, The Jockey Club, Keeneland, Churchill Downs, Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association and the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, among others.

  • Jon

    Love it!

  • nucky thompson

    What took them so long ?

    • It is a process that takes some longer than others. They have evolved and have stepped up to the plate. Good on them.

    • Tinky

      Well, let’s eliminate some of the possibilities.

      I’ll go first: altruism

  • Great news.

    • HowardRoark314

      Save it Barry. This scam should be re-named WHOAL the Water, Hay, Oats, Alliance with Lasix. You and all the other hypocrites could demand your trainers stop using that drug on your 3yo+, rather than just your 2yo campaigns before the real races start at 3. Another big, fat virtue signal from the limousine liberals. Spare me. Nastiness aside, what will you do when Big Daddy Govt steps in at your invitation – will you convince them that Lasix is a ‘good’ drug? Put your money where your mouth is and run your big time 3yo Derby hopefuls clean. Never happen.

      • Jon

        This industry obviously needs a internal refresh. Has nothing to do with liberals. It is great news for the industry!

      • You are 1) ill informed and b) disturbed. I won’t contribute to your lack of wellness.

        • Jon

          Good stuff!! lol

      • John G. Veitch

        While me & Barry disagree on some points of this, attacks like yours are unwarranted. At least submit a pic & true name..

      • McGov

        Those that are against this Act or people that support an organic approach…often resort to the Lasix argument.
        Pretty weak argument really. Should we all just sit around and not do anything about a very long list of HUGE problems….until you guys are done crying about Lasix???
        Seriously. It’s a joke at this point so YOU save it.
        We can all get to Lasix and find some kind of reasonable ground at some point but you’d better get your head around big government because the lunatics are no longer going to be running the asylum any further bud.
        The circus is over, go home.

      • McGov

        Bringing Lasix into the conversation is like worrying about your teenager eating too much sugar when they have an overt crack addiction.

  • Sadddly it will never happen american horses ability to run without meds and maintain any sort of soundness was bred out of them decades ago.

    Flame away

  • Sara Swope

    The horse is the most abused animal, bar none. The move towards federal mandates does not come from any pity for the horses,by thier owners, it comes from public outcry to ban such a cruel sport. Para-mutual gambling destroyed horse racing, There will always be crooked vets, & ignorant backstretch staff, to get around any pesky laws. Just more lip service, I’m sure. This is a mafia controlled industry, so totally corrupt, so morally bankrupt, it completely confounds a decent person. May God treat us, the way we treat our horses.

    • horsepower

      crooked people everywhere – including sometimes even the government – shame on you to batter so many good people who enjoy breeding & racing their horses. Some animals , INCLUDING some horses and some people are abused and that is clearly not right and tragic. That does not equate to “The Most abused animal anywhere”

      • Sara Swope

        With all do respect, you have apparently never worked in the horse industry. I have about 40 yrs. experience under my belt, from rental hacks, to show barns, & race courses. Yes there are some decent people who keep & use horses. But I can assure you, they are in the minority. Do your own research, please.

      • Sara Swope

        I know most animals are horrifically abused, but, w/ all due respect, chickens do not have to grow horrendous feet, have their tails mutilated, drugged, forced to comply or else, whipped, chained to a tire waiting to die in the desert heat of dehydration, carry or pull a load beyond their capacity, killed in battles, then abandoned … shall I continue?

      • horsepower

        Sara – it appears your comment was deleted. I try not to engage in too much social media ” diatribe” but as far as my own “research” etc – it seems you are an expert with 40 yrs but for the record I own approx 20 – board & raise about 40- 50 and have been licensed in some capacity since 1979. I am also a director of a breed org for approx 15 years ….my point is that I have done my OWN research – Thanks and I Know an overwhelming number of the stakeholders, primarily in Ontario but also many friends throughout Canada & The USA and their horses are VERY WELL looked after. Have a Nice Day !

        • Sara swope

          Thank you, you too, but the fact still remains, that the horse is the most abused animal.

        • Sara swope

          Yes, & Canada approves of slaughtering unwanted horses. Especially from the Premarin industry. Maybe you approve of this cruel & unnecessary practice too?

    • Evelyn Waugh

      I share–& applaud, your manifest abhorrence of the mistreatment of & cruelty toward horses. However, your claim–that horses are the most abused (animal species), is objectively (& patently) false. Chickens–poultry in general, are the most abused, tormented, & most frequently killed.

      • Sara swope

        I respectfully disagree. I know farm animals are abused. I am not disputing that fact. That why I’ve gone vegetarian. However, the horse has the most particular relationship w/ people, & this peculiar quality makes them most vulnerable for abuse. And no offense, but it was the horse, & not the chicken, or even the dog, who started the entire A.S.P.C.A. movement. All other animal species, owe the awareness of their plight to the trolley horses of New York City. Sadly however, the A.S.P.C.A., seems to have forgotton this fact.

  • Jerry

    These two guys are bad for horseracing and they decisions should NEVER BE FOLLOWED.

    Who really cares what they think?


    • Jon

      How can you say that? With money they’ve invested in horse racing? I disagree. Jon

  • Susan

    And will they attest to breeders that every stallion used NO Lasix during its entire racing career or provide a discount for the stud fee? If not, they are hypocrites.

  • Railbird73

    I support uniform testing and medication in horse racing. I don’t know anything about WHOA. I remember Charlie Whittingham’s comments on WHO and I personally believe that drugs are ruining the breed. What I do know is Ky. has some of the most lenient drug rules in the country so we’ll see.

    • Sara swope

      I thought Kentucky tracks were not allowing race day meds.? And there was concern that trainers would take their horses to other states, because of the no race day meds.(?)

  • peggy conroy

    The last horse I sold was with the condition he not be given any drugs to train on or race, including lasix. He’s on lasix to run but otherwise is sound. They say most horses stabled most of the time in heavily populated areas have some lung issues so lasix a must. Do horses running of the farm or from Fair Hill find this necessary as well?

  • ForLoveOfTheGame

    WHOA, the Horseracing Integrity Act of 2017 and racing without meds of any kind – GOOD. Lasix – BAD. Just looking for a fair shake for the horses! I pray it passes!!!!

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