Zayat: Paynter to be discharged from New Bolton, sent to farm

by | 10.12.2012 | 2:05pm

Owner Ahmed Zayat announced Friday that his colt Paynter has reached another milestone in his recent battle against colic and laminitis.  The 3-year-old Haskell winner will be discharged from Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center Sunday and be transferred to a farm for rehabilitation.

Zayat said he would announce which farm would host Paynter this evening but that he had narrowed it to three choices.  Zayat said after two-three months of rehab, Paynter might begin to point for a racing season in 2013.  Below is the transcript of Zayat's update.

“Breaking news!!! Paynter has won the war.  Dear fans, thank you very much for all your prayers and thoughts and good vibes. Our Paynter this brave warrior. Has taken on A LOT of battles and today on his behalf and the behalf of his skillful vet team, we are declaring VICTORY!!!

“Paynter is a rare breed of Thoroughbred horse that a has the determination, strength and heart. Paynter has beaten colitis, laminitis and a nasty abscess and today we are proud of our special colt.  “Today (we've) done our last set of diagnostics. His temp is normal, his blood work is perfect, his feet are sound and healthy, his lungs sound great. All in all we have a very happy and healthy horse.

“He has gained an additional 11 pounds in the last two days on top of the 24 pounds before that. His medical team is very confident of his full recovery. Plans are being finalized today for Paynter to leave New Bolton Medical Center on Sunday to go back into a rehab layup facility for the next two-three months and then finally return to the track where he loves and belongs. We should all continue to hope for a full recovery and to see our champ happy and healthy for 2013 racing calendar!!

“We have narrowed down the choices to three rehab centers. I am very nervous for him to leave all his beloved vets, but my tears of joy will only make it worth it when I know he will have the right farm taking care of him.  “I have personally called and interviewed all these farms. A decision will be announced at 6 p.m. today.”

  • incredibly awesome!!!


    C’EST FINI. Fools if they think this horse will race again. But what do they know?

  • Convene

    This is the kind of news that reminds you why you love this game. May the rest of his recovery go smoothly and without a hitch. What a brave horse – and what a thoughtful, caring owner.

  • Racemaven

    I agree. Why would they even consider putting this horse back in training? Zayat has got to be kidding?


  • Me

    Sometimes it’s best to let a horse return to the track. Sometimes not. I suggest a return with light training and let the horse yell you if he wants this again. If not, he should head to the shed. I will send 10 mares. I know the family and would be anxious to give him a shot Will be watching

  • TonyB

    Great news, but please retire him. Let him live out his life without any more risk. He’s earned it.

  • L Hartley2

    more overbreeding. just because he is a good horse, doesn’t mean he should be bred.

  • Willy Bellmare

    What wonderful news. Paynter has earned the right to retire from racing. He ran the race of his life and should not be subject to the dangers of racing.

  • Barbara

    This is one of the strangest posts I’ve ever seen here. This is not some ill bred one time fluke Gr. 3 winner. He is a Gr. 1 winner, Gr. 1 classic placed, ran 4th in another Gr. 1 in his second lifetime start, raced three times in six weeks this spring, had the fortitude to survive this often fatal illness, is by a top sire, out of Tiznow’s family. Of course he should stand at stud.

  • free reign

    He will be shipped to Fair Hill Training Center, which has a treatment facility with oxygen chamber, treadmills, etc…, turnout, and is close to New Bolton Center.

  • Ida Lee

    Barbara, you are so right!! If anyone should be bred, it’s Paynter. What a horse…What a Fighter…He’s a winner in everything he does!! What more can we ask of a TB? I just got back from vacation so I did not know how extremely well this incredible animal was doing. As to his retirement, he’s so young and of course he was born to run…that’s what makes him happy. Let’s see if after his bout with these serious illnesses, he will be able to get back to the track and run with the same awesome style he did before.

  • We ALL need to give, Glory to God, for healing Paynter of his illnesses. 
    In my opinion, he has fought the battle with determination, and won. I would not take another chance with his health and I would let him retire. That is just my opinion……
    Thank You, Mr Zayat and the Vets etc for giving PAYNTER, the medical care he needed, to recover and heal.

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