United Equine CEO on slaughter plant: ‘We’re going into business’

by | 03.13.2012 | 2:58pm

The company that wants to build a horse processing plant in southwestern Missouri isn't backing its plans off despite protests from many local residents.  At an “informational meeting” Monday, United Equine CEO Sue Wallis said while a previous site for the plant has been ruled out, the company is moving forward and hopes to open a slaughter plant in the same area by September.

“Discussion's over.  Make all the noise you want.  We're going into business,” Wallis said.

  • Upstart

    Lets have some info on the Missouri Horse Council and Mindy Patterson.

  • Upstart

    It’s actually the Missouri EQUINE Council.  Everyone needs to look Ms Mindy Patterson up on Google.  One article shows she has been advocating for Sue Wallis since 9/25/11 (looks like her too).  People need to put their horses down in the field and have their friendly vets cut them a break for doing the right thing (lets put some pressure there) rather than buying into the bs of these witches.  What’s the matter with you folks in Missouri, isn’t slaughtering cattle, pigs, goats enough?  Best make a stand now.  Do the 4H kids who posted pictures on the Wall of Ponies know what this woman stands for? 

  • Rachel

    “Unified Equine says it chose southwest Missouri because of its access to good highways and access to horses. “If you draw a 400- or 500-mile circle around southwest Missouri, you encapsulate more than 30 percent of the horses that are in the U.S,” said Wallis.”

    Hmmm…button up your barns, Missouri….what a piece of work she is.

  • Swiss305

    How does someone have the nerve to say, “Make all the noise you want.  Discussion’s over.  We’re going into business.”  Are all the local politicians bought and paid for and the checks cashed?  There could be all kinds of legitimate roadblocks to the opening of a slaughter plant such as zoning challenges, acceptable waste disposal and pending legislation with respect to transport. These arrogant money grubbers think they are unstoppable and even describe their process as “humane.”  Are they delusional as well as amoral?  People like these have been shot down by community outrage and legal process before and can be again.  The majority of people in this country find horse slaughter repulsive and unacceptable and should hold their elected officials to the standards we demand for even the smallest domestic animals.  Dog meat is eaten in Korea but we would never tolerate a dog slaughter plant.  We manage to find kinder ways to put old and sick dogs and cats out of their misery.  

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