St Nicholas Abbey Suffers Setback in Recovery

by | 08.28.2013 | 7:23am
X-Ray of St Nicholas Abbey's right pastern, showing break in steel pin

St Nicholas Abbey's recovery from a fractured right pastern suffered a setback on Monday; officials from Coolmore issued this update Wednesday morning:

A major complication in St Nicholas Abbey's recovery arose on Monday evening as he appeared a little uncomfortable.

Radiographs showed the steel weight-bearing pin in his cannon bone had broken and after consultation, the surgeons decided to take it out.

The damaged pin can be clearly seen on the radiograph.

This procedure was done Monday night, the leg has been re-cast and St Nicholas Abbey is now bearing weight on the fractured leg.

This development has come sooner than we would have ideally liked, so the next week is a very tentative period for us.

This morning St Nicholas Abbey is comfortable and is walking as well as can be expected.

His temperament and demeanour are a tremendous plus both for him and the team treating him.

  • Evelyn Waugh

    Holding my thumb for you, St. Nick!

    • Lina_TX

      Hoping that the healing process has progressed enough that he can get by with the support provided by the cast, and yes, if necessary, short-term with a sling.

  • Sue M. Chapman

    No more Barbaros, please.

    • betterthannothing

      Same dreaded feeling…

  • Nayrod

    I’m actually going back to my Catholic upbring today and pray to St Nick for Abbey’s full recovery!

    • Beach

      With you, even if mine is an Anglican upbringing; ie “JV Catholic”…HANG IN THERE, ST. NICK–you are so loved…

  • Beach

    The biggest prayers…

  • jojo

    Hoping for the best for him. Cheers Nicky get well soon!!

  • Michelle Sanford

    Lot of love rooting for this Horse!!!

  • Ida Lee

    Oh Nick darling…hang in there…we’re praying for you.

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