Seven Thoroughbreds Die in Polo Barn Fire

by | 03.10.2013 | 11:14am

Seven horses are dead after an electrical overload sparked a blaze in a barn at the Gulfstream Polo Club in Lake Worth, Florida. Four other horses sustained injuries and were taken to a nearby veterinarian for treatment.

The polo horses, who according to The Palm Beach Post were Thoroughbreds, where housed in a 50-year-old barn that likely did not have a sprinkler system. Some were worth as much as $50,000. Officials suspect the horses may have died of smoke inhalation before emergency personnel arrived. By the time firefighters arrived on the scene, parts of the roof had fallen in.

“I could feel the flames from 70 yards away. It was too late for anyone to get inside and save the horses,” Club president Randy Aversano told the Palm Beach Post. “Everyone was in tears.”

Read more at The Palm Beach Post

  • Buckinhard

    All horses go to heaven.

    • rhonda fleming

      absolutely breaks my heart

  • nu-fan

    Can someone explain to me why a sprinkler system was not installed, even if it was a 50 year old barn?  That, I cannot understand.  It just seems like this should be mandatory, if not just common sense. 

    • Meyer1127

      MONEY. Greedy folks.

  • Francis Bush

    I continue to be amazed why horses should die in fires. Do we have competent people in charge of these wonderful animals? We should immediately plan for correcting old and new construction with enough force of water to stamp out fires. Would you like to take the place of a choking horse that is eventually baked in a smoldering barn?

  • ziggypop

    $50,000 horses, no sprinklers. How cheap was this owner?

    • nu-fan

      Ziggypop: Unfortunately, this is not that unusual in the care of animals. I wonder how many people who own dogs and board them at times, check to see if there are sprinkler systems in the kennel? Often, kennels do not even have staffing at night. If a fire broke in the middle of the night….. But, if theses were our $50,000 horses in a barn, wouldn’t you or I be asking about these kinds of safety precautions if we were boarding our horses there?

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