NYC Carriage Horse Debate Gets More Political

by | 12.27.2013 | 9:51am

The long-running debate about the welfare of carriage horses working in New York City has become more political than ever recently, according to Politico. November saw Democrat Bill de Blasio win the mayoral election after voicing his support for a ban on the animals' work.

While it's unclear how aggressively de Blasio will act against them, carriage drivers are part of the political arms race too, having gotten back-up from the Teamsters labor union. They also claim de Blasio's opponent Christine Quinn and Mayor Michael Bloomberg as allies.

Some say that support for the ban may come down to an interest in the real estate the carriage horse barns sit on in Manhattan's West Side—a charge that has been refuted by pro-carriage ban activists.

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  • Figless

    Follow the money, of course the real estate interests want the stable area.

    • 4Bellwether666

      Those real estate pukes will do what ever it takes to get it…Book it!!!…

  • Richard C

    The new mayor is not suddenly new to the issue. The trifecta on the other side – Bloomberg, Quinn, Teamsters – is one motley crew.

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