Laminitis Battle: Veterinarians Making Progress in Fighting Disease

by | 03.25.2013 | 8:37am
Paynter wins Haskell Invitational

Laminitis is a dreaded diagnosis for any horse owner to hear. The disease, which often results as a complication from another injury or illness, can often be fatal.

Great progress has been made in the past five or six years, however, in fighting the disease, according to an article in the Daily Racing Form. Research in areas such as digital photography and cryotherapy has greatly improved the tools veterinarians have in their arsenal in order to fight the disease.

The New Bolton Center has always been one of the leaders in laminitis research; the center has treated two of the most highly publicized cases in recent years – Barbaro in 2006, and Paynter last year. Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro unfortunately had to be euthanized after a long, heroic battle with the disease. Paynter, however, was able to overcome laminitis, and is currently back in training.

“We understand the disease much better now than we did even five or 10 years ago,” said Dr. James Orsini, director of Penn's Laminitis Institute.

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  • Sally in Indy

    Bless the docs at New Bolton Center for their relentless battle against this insidious disease – and bless those who have contributed, and continue to contribute, to fund the research into the cause, treatment and cure for laminitis. Another important aspect of Barbaro’s tremendous legacy.

  • nu-fan

    Great article in the linked DRF. I even understood most of it. Kind of reinforces faith in humans when realizing that there are individuals who are actively involved in the well-being of horses and other animals rather than those that we read about too frequently in today’s news. Wish more youngsters would consider veterinary medicine as a career but realize that it is not easy to get in to some of the vet schools; they are highly competitive.

  • Convene

    I can’t think of too many equine problems whose solution would be more important than this one. So many horses have recovered from terrible injuries and diseases – only to be lost to laminitis. For Barbaro, for Kip Deville, for oh so many victims I pray that New Bolton and everyone else dedicated to this research succeed. Our horses would be safer than they have ever been before.

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