Jockey Club launches app for Thoroughbred mare produce records

by | 02.24.2012 | 9:35am

The Jockey Club Information Systems Inc. (TJCIS) today unveiled the Equineline Mare Produce Records app for the iPad, which provides customers with unlimited access to continuously updated Thoroughbred mare produce records, including global pedigree and race and sale information, with a quarterly or annual subscription.

The Equineline Mare Produce Records app, which can be downloaded free from the iTunes Store, is the company's second product customized for the Apple tablet. The Equineline Sales Catalog app, which was launched last June, enables customers to download sales catalog books to iPads.

Each mare produce record request accesses the extensive international pedigree and racing database used by The Jockey Club Information Systems in real time for mares and their offspring. Continuously updated information includes the name of each foal and its sire, foaling date, and sex; non-productive information (barren, not bred, etc.) for the mare; and racing information and sales information for both the mare and her foals.

“Having access to updated information in a timely and convenient manner is critical for anyone involved with Thoroughbred breeding and sales,” said Carl Hamilton, chairman and president of The Jockey Club Information Systems. “This app is another example of using innovative technology to benefit the Thoroughbred industry.”

As an added convenience, customers using the new app can print and email mare produce record reports from their iPads.

Upon downloading the free app, customers are provided access to the produce records of 10 sample mares, in real time, so they can try the app before subscribing.

In addition to developing the Equineline Sales Catalog app and the Equineline Mare Produce Records app, The Jockey Club Information Systems also recently unveiled a “touch friendly” version of

  • Garrett Redmond

    Another rip-off by TJCNY.  It will charge us for the information given and paid for by Breeders.

    Godfather of the rackets – The Jockey Club of New York.  It should help us understand why the HQ is still in New York – home of the top “Families”.

  • voiceofreason

    Shhhhhh. Don’t tell these fools that the new reality is offering a free app (or .99 cents) to access mountains of free data. TJCIS would rather spend all their time squeezing blood from stones. They think releasing poorly designed/conceived apps makes them a smarter, more appealing social entity. Sorry, Carl… we’re not that stupid. You’ll make a dollar on this and herald it a success… while leaving 10 on the table. Chuck the baby out with the bathwater. Uninspired, thoughtless and greedy. A simple reflection of the industry.

  • voiceofreason

    Hahahha. A poorly designed, free app that gives you access to $289.00 reports.

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