Horse of a Different Color Turning Heads in Europe

by | 07.09.2013 | 12:16pm
Silvery Moon, a 2yo overo Thoroughbred colt, is trained by Mario Hofer in Germany

Silvery Moon, a 2-year-old Thoroughbred colt racing in France and Germany, is turning heads on the race course – and it's not due to his ability (yet, anyway).

The colt, a rare overo Thoroughbred, has made two starts, most recently finishing second by a neck in a maiden race in Germany. Silvery Moon was purchased by his owner, Stall Paint Horse, from the 2012 Arqana Autumn sale in November for €12,000. Stall Paint Horse even had silks made to match those of Silvery Moon's markings.

Silvery Moon is by the stallion I Was Framed and is out of Artzola, by Alzao. I Was Framed, an 11-year-old stallion by Racey Remarque, stands in France and is registered with both The Jockey Club and the American Paint Horse Association.

Silvery Moon is trained by Mario Hofer.

  • MA

    Great silks!

  • Ida Lee

    OMG Silvery Moon is out of this world (pun intended)…what a beauty!! And the silks…Wow!!

    • Beach

      DITTO!!! :-)

  • He certainly is handsome. Will be cool if he can run too.

  • Lucky Lad

    Cool horse, better than some normal-colored TB’s I’ve seen, anyway.

  • nu-fan

    Thank you for providing us that video. The horse is gorgeous!

  • In Tears

    Nice looking horse. I just pray this will not turn into a fad and horses with no talent to run wind up in the slaughter pen

    • Addy

      It wont. The first thoroughbred paint I saw was 17 years ago and that was what I thought then. And I haven’t seen one again in the news till now so its not a fad lol

  • Roisin

    Easy to keep tabs on him in the race !! Great video.

  • Nayrod

    I hope he can run! That would be the icing on the cake…

  • Richard C

    One of the few companies that is in the business of marketing Thoroughbred-related “baseball” caps should contact the ownership group and offer to create a cool looking lid….with a portion of the sale price earmarked to a TB retirement organization.

    • nu-fan

      Great idea!

  • Marian Wilson

    i hope he go’s all the way to the top,
    an become one of the great race horses
    of his time.

  • Rebecca

    “Paints” “Pintos” “Dun” “Buckskin” are actually color descriptions not breeds. People have started registration associations from them but they are not breeds. Overo and Tobiano are 2 examples of the paint color pattern.

    • Actually Paints are a breed. They are an offshoot of the QH registry, as the QH people did not want color. Paints are registered with the American Paint Horse Association and must be registered Paints (the offspring of 2 registered Paints) a registered QH, or a registered TB. The AQHA will also accept registered TB’s in their Appendix Registry. The Pinto registry is for spotted horses of any breed – or no breed.

    • apha

      paint is based on pedigree, it is a breed registry. solid horses are paints.

      pinto is open to any colored horse. parentage not required. requirements for markings. it is a color registry.

      I thought the jockey club only recognized thoroughbreds?? not sure how a paint gets in there???

      • There are natural paint horses in the TB breed. Marquetry for example had quite a bit of white above the knee – in a broken pattern. Candy Spots had spots. There was a pretty grey mare racing at Turfway a couple years ago (Ash) who had spots. There are some people who do breed them for color – a google search would turn them up. They are not common but they are out there. Just like pure white TB’s.

        • apha

          I think the breeder lied or some groom was getting back at the boss! LOL!! thanks Maureen! I’ve seen TBs heavy on the white but never full color.

          • Genetically it makes sense. Paints popped up in QH’s, and really QH’s descended from TB’s. So the gene is there.

  • Gail Cooper

    Sorry, there is no way he could be registered with the American Paint horse Association. In order to do so the horse MUST be half Quarter Horse. The article states he is a Thoroughbred. So which is he? He can NOT be both.

    • AJ King

      Well you can find full blooded TB mares registered with AQHA (and Stallions too as I showed a reg APHA mare because her mom was paint but dad was reg with AQHA). Not sure what the requirements are-probably their speed index or something. But that’s how you can get Appendix’s and still register with AQHA. The Tb’s aren’t the regular registry I don’t believe(as in they cant show AQHA), but their registered so that their offspring can be. This being said, I have no idea what the requirements are for APHA and pure Thoroughbred offspring.

    • WT

      Registered paints do not have to have QH blood. I have one registered with APHA and he has no QH in his pedigree.

    • Yes, it is possible. Read the rule below.

      1.What is the bloodline requirement for registration of a horse with APHA?

      In order to qualify for registration with APHA, a foal’s sire and dam must be registered with either the APHA, or American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), or Jockey Club (Thoroughbred.) Beginning Jan. 1, 2005, all horses presented for registration to the Regular Registry were also required to have at least one registered Paint parent (Regular Registry, Solid Paint Bred or Breeding Stock). Exception: Horses with either two QH or two Thoroughbred or 1 QH and 1 Thoroughbred parent are eligible for registration if the horse was produced by a breeding prior to January 1, 2005 and are eligible for Regular Registry.

      • In case this doesn’t make sense, as long as Silvery Moon’s parents were registered – which seems likely, since he has SO much color, he can be a registered Paint.

  • Good lord TBs have enough genetic flaws~ to dump a frame overo into the mix is unethical.

    • Melissa

      You are an idiot. It is a genetic coloring not a flaw. And all horses have some sort of flaw. So what is your problem with this boy? And it is not unethical by letting a thoroughbred with the coloring of a frame overo. And since you feel that way it is unethical to classify you as human. Because sure don’t sound like one.

  • Jana Ingman

    I love the dual colored eyes and coat :) Definitely a first time seeing one like that for me.

  • Judith Keene

    How does the Jockey Club allow the horse to be registered with the Paint Horse Association and still be registered with the Jockey Club as a TB? Wouldnt the horse have had to be registered with the Pinto Association instead of the Paint horse? Pinto is a color registry. Paint Horse is a breed! Last i knew, the Jockey Club didnt allow the TBs to be doubly registered!

    • Why would the Jockey Club care? The Jockey Club is only interested in the TB’s TB ancestry. They do not tell you what to do with your horse.

    • JHein

      The American Paint Horse Association permits registration of horses who descend from Paints, Quarter Horses or Thoroughbreds. “Cropouts” — those horses of color that descend from only Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred lineage — are permitted for APHA registration. The Jockey Club registers any Thoroughbred that meets it parentage requirements, regardless of color. Therefore, a cropout Thoroughbred could be registered both with the JC and APHA.

  • Anonymous

    I Was Framed is a half brother to Remarquez, who has produced many frame foals eligible to register with the JC and/or the APHA. He also has over 50% frame overo pass rate in his foals, producing two maximum expressed frame overo foals and many loud frame fillies and colts.

    He is currently training in Florida, USA for hunters.

    • ADKPrincess

      Our family owns a yearling our of Remarquez. He is currently being broken near Saratoga, NY. He is Overo Positive but his paint spots are “Hidden”. We are hopeful that our boy will run. Keep your eyes out for more in the next years for Hidden Remarq. We are so pleased to see that the prodigies are doing well!,,

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