Florida: Horse Recovering from Beating, Burns

by | 06.25.2013 | 8:42am

A Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse mare is recovering from caustic burns and an apparent beating suffered over the weekend at a farm near Ocala, Florida.

According to a report by the Ocala Star Banner, Lisa Hensley, a homeowner in the Meadow Wood Farms subdivision in Marion County, found the mare, named Sassy, injured after she returned home from a weekend camping trip. Hensley boards the mare for owner Dr. Todd Overcash.

Sassy was treated for burns suffered on her left hind leg and along her side. The veterinarian that treated the mare was unsure as to what substance caused the burns, but he didn't believe it was acid, since the burns were not deep enough. Sassy is also being treated for what appears to be bruising on the underside of her belly, caused by being kicked repeatedly.

“She's one of the most gentle horses to be around,” said Sassy's owner, Dr. Overcash. “We want anyone who knows anything about this to please contact the authorities. I'm just overwhelmed by it. That horse is the love of a 4-year-old boy,” Overcash added.

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  • Kim Howell

    Aren’t humans WONDERFUL??? *mops up the sarcasm*

  • DinkyDiva

    This is horrible! Poor Sassy. Karma will get the sob that did this to her!

    • betterthannothing

      Forget karma, law enforcement needs to nail the sob.

  • Roisin

    Homo Sapiens, the most dangerous animals on earth and the most vicious as well as devious. We do have a lot to answer for.

    • Red Rider

      Yeh. Let’s indict the entire human race because of the actions of one. Horses have killed people, and not by accident. Give the righteous, purity of nature bs a rest.

      This was an immoral act, by an immoral (or amoral) individual.

      • Roisin

        What I said is absolutely true. There is no indictment of the “entire human race” just a general observation and I’m sure you must know of all kinds of atrocities perpetrated by humans upon humans and other species. Face reality. And you are the one talking about the “righteous purity of nature” ( “bs” !) not me. Maybe you assume too much.

      • WT

        You are a jerk. Go crawl back under your rock. Roisin is right.

        • Red Rider

          My heart bleeds for all of you.

      • thevoiceoftruth69

        What a dumb statement with awful rationale. I feel sorry for you.

  • Barbara Wood.

    Outrageous and not to be tolerated.


    When they find this person, just beat him and kick him till he cannot walk so straight. Then do it again tomorrow.

    • L Merjil

      Well said. If I ever see anyone doing that to a horse or any animal, he or she will get a big Texas a$$ kicking from me. How can anyone do such vile things.

    • Online Bettor Only

      Or her.

  • Beach

    Thank God she is back in the hands of her loving owner and vet–and I hope they get the garbage that did this. Prayers for healing–she looks like a beautiful, sweet horse.

  • Mimi Hunter

    I really hope they find out who did it. How did they gain access?

  • trivj

    Who was feeding/watering/checking on the animals when the farm owner went camping for the weekend? Can’t the authorities narrow down the time when the horse was attacked?

  • Evelyn Waugh

    The story–or the reporting on the story, just does not make sense. Where in the world was the owner & to whom did he give permission to ride the horse?!

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