Dozens of Horses Killed in Massive Oklahoma Tornado

by | 05.20.2013 | 7:10pm

Amid its other devastation, a huge tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma Monday destroyed the Orr Family farm, killing 75-100 horses, according to reports.

Outbuildings on the 100-acre farm were leveled but there were no reports of human injuries.

The Women's Horse Industry Network put out a call for financial assistance to help the Orr Family Farm and other horse owners in the area affected by the storm, which has initially been rated either an F4 or F5, the strongest kind of tornado.

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  • 37 dead, as many as 24 3rd graders killed at a school in Moore

  • Lena

    I would like to volunteer to help make it more safe for the future I am willing to cover my expense and pay 2000 towards rebuilding as long as I can come and physically help. so so sorry for your lose. Please contact me at [email protected]

  • Figless

    I saw a racetrack from the helicopter shot, and the groom in the barn said of 18 horses he took care of he could find only one. Below is copy/paste from DRF:
    “The extent of damage to a Thoroughbred training center near Oklahoma City
    caused by a Monday afternoon tornado was not known as of Monday night, according
    to a spokesperson for the facility’s ownership. It is believed Celestial Acres
    Training Center in Moore, Okla., houses about 80 horses, but the number could
    not be confirmed, the spokesperson said, nor could the status of the horses.

    Celestial Acres is one of two businesses on a 160-acre tract of land owned by
    Dr. Glenn Orr and his son, Tom, said Tony Vann, a spokesperson for the family.
    The other business is Orr Family Farm, a popular tourist attraction that
    features a petting zoo, trains and a zipline.

    “From what I understand, when I last talked to [the Orrs], it was highly
    damaged,” Vann said of the property.

    Vann said there was no loss of human life. He said he had not yet received
    any information on the status of the horses. He said some of the horses at the
    training center were owned by outside clients.

    Tom Orr is a longtime owner who has horses in training at Lone Star Park near

    Vann said as of Monday night, all communications have been turned off in

    “Basically, it’s a disaster area,” he said of Moore.”

  • In Tears

    My sincere sympathy to the people of Oklahoma for human and livestock loss.
    My heart felt sympathy for families who lost children. I pray God helps you in this time of grief

  • andy

    I presume PETA is picketing Mother Nature.

  • HappyHarriet

    I heard an interview – I think it was on CNN – with one of the grooms at the Orr Farm. It was completely heartbreaking. He told about how he would sleep in the stalls to be near his charges, how he cared for the horses, and how the horses WERE the Farm, and the source of everyone’s food, shelter, work, love.

    I so sorry for this terrible loss.

  • Tod Adamson
    This is a 501(C) equine rescue service working with locals to stage a lost and found at the fair ground in Oklahoma City. They have a link to the local feed store where you can make a feed donation.

  • Tonto

    News media seldom mentions the loss of horses, cows and other livestock.

  • Convene

    These animals are the tragedies no one talks about on TV. My heart aches for the animals lost in this chaos and for the people who tried so hard to save them.

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