Denali Stud: An Attention to Detail

by | 08.17.2013 | 10:19am

With over two decades of success, Denali Stud has made their way with an attention to detail that starts from the top.

This video illustrates the success of Denali Stud with co-founders Craig and Holly Bandoroff at the helm.

  • Tinky

    “An Attention to Detail”? As opposed to multiple attentions to detail?

    A peculiar, and rather ironically constructed headline.

  • Garrett Redmond

    Will you be running similar paeans of praise for all other farm operators or is there an extra charge ?
    Before screening other episodes of lavish self-praise, please give readers an alert.
    Then all who cannot tolerate such crap will avoid opening it on the erroneous assumption it is news.
    Robert Frost surely had this kind of thing in his mind when writing: “We are all so near the Day of Doom that everyone, even Gabriel, has to blow his own trumpet”.
    Remember also the adage – “Self-praise is half scandal”.

  • Lexington 3

    Or… an attention to paying for ad space?

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