Company targets Missouri town for horse processing plant

by | 02.24.2012 | 3:19pm

A Wyoming company is reportedly looking at a spot near Mountain Grove, Missouri in the Ozarks as a potential site for a horse processing plant.  Since federal legislation reopened the doors last November to the possibility of horse slaughter plants in the U.S., Unified Equine has been looking for a location to open a plant.

“We wanted a state that was supportive of our efforts, and the folks in Missouri are 100 percent on board with what we're trying to do and how we're trying to do it,” said Sue Wallis, Unified Equine CEO and Wyoming state legislator.

“Oh, I think it would be horrible.  People would be moving out,” said Mountain Grove resident Danita McCaig.

  • giftoffaith

    So the horror begins…thanks Mr.President.

  • Marshall Cassidy

    Spent three-and-a-half years in Wyoming defending my country during the 1960s — hated my time in that abysmal, backward state. Spent three years experiencing the Obama administration and our current congress — my hate is renewed for that abysmal, backward state!

  • CC

    Hmmm so much for that 100% support.  Wallis is an idiot.

  • Harry Buchanan


    I agree 100% it is hard to believe that we live in the greatest country in the world,yet there are states who encourage the slaughter of horses. It is a fact this ELECTION is the most important for the future of our country or the LACK of a future for all Americans.

    I assume you are the Marshall Cassidy who I listened to for many years as a race caller in I believe New York. I just want to say “Thank you” for all those really great calls of all those superstar race horses back in 60’s,70’s and 80’s. It makes me sick to my stomach that we have to read articles of inhumanly destroying such beautiful creatures as HORSES.

  • Marshall Cassidy

    Mr. Buchanan,

    I’m your guy and I agree November’s election is terribly important for America. If we can get the funding of horse-slaughter inspectors nullified in perpetuity through the same process that should improve the U.S. Congress and upgrade the tenants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue during the same election cycle, we will all win this year.

  • Bob C

    Unified Equine—kinda sounds like an outfit that would help horses.  What a joke!  Not surprised that these killers chose Missouri—the most backward, hillbilly state in the country.  Missouri’s main industry is meth labs.  Horse slaughter will probably be #2.

  • Sandra Warren

    Ah, yes, Missouri, also the home of more puppy mills than most other states combined.  Residents of that fine state ought to be really proud.

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