Black Caviar Brother ‘Jimmy’ Loses Battle With Laminitis

by | 12.29.2013 | 8:14am
Half brother to Black Caviar set Aussie record at $5M at Inglis Easter Sale

The record-setting half-brother to world champion Black Caviar was euthanized on humane grounds on Sunday following a months-long battle with the foot injury laminitis, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The 2-year-old known as “Jimmy” had received treatment from some of the top veterinary surgeons in the nation at the University of Melbourne Equine Centre at Werribee, in an attempt to beat the often-debilitating disease. Handlers had noticed the colt's deteriorating condition on Christmas Eve and by the end of the week Jimmy was unable to get to his feet.

The unraced colt by Redoute's Choice, out of the Desert Sun dam Helsinge, first made headlines as Australia's most expensive racehorse when he was purchased at sale for a record-setting AUS$5 million by the BC3 syndication last April. Since then, an investigation into syndicate's manager Bill Vlahos revealed that the bill for Jimmy's sale had not been paid and AUS$194 million of the syndicate's funds were unaccounted for.

Company records have revealed that Jimmy was insured for at least his purchase price. Inglis Bloodstock, who recently repossessed the famed colt, stands to recoup its AUS$5 million outstanding debt, although it is also responsible for Jimmy's estimated $40,000 in veterinary costs for the past two months.

Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald

  • pesposito


  • Mimi Hunter

    Sounds like the US isn’t the only one with honesty problems. RIP Jimmy

  • Patricia Jones

    another loss we will never know what could have been

  • Ruffian31

    How very sad! I was looking forward to seeing what this guy could do. May he RIP.

  • DeePet

    How convenient. RIP poor Jimmy.

  • 4Bellwether666

    He’s in a better place now bless his soul…

  • cheri

    Very, very sad. House of Vaughan doesn’t care about the $ controversy swirling (it figures), just that a magnificent, yet untried athlete lost their life much too soon. So unfortunate.

  • Ida Lee

    Is this nightmare of a year never going to end??? Poor Jimmy, so young, so beautiful…RIP

    • Mimi Hunter

      It’s probably been like this for a while – we just have better communications available. we hear about Jimmy, even though he is halfway around the world. And St. Nicholas Abbey. Paynter was followed daily as was Barbero. The statistics are easier to get at. A lot of people comment on every aspect of the injury and the care. We all second guess everyone else. The injuries can’t be swept under the rug as easily. In the long run something will have to be done to stop them, we find a cure for laminitis, Colitis X, bleeding.

  • Mimi Hunter

    Didn’t Black Caviar’s connections hint at chronic foot problems after she came up lame after that big race in England?

    • Knowitall

      What would that have to do with a systemic reaction to an antibiotic that caused laminitis? TB’s with soft or shelly feet are not predisposed to dreaded laminitis, otherwise we’d see an epidemic of it. Aside from that, no. BC pulled a muscle in hind end in England.

      • Mimi Hunter

        Any problem in horses that causes a fever can cause founder, if there is a weakness there it will be worse. All I could find in writing was the suspensory ligament early on and a torn muscle after the race in England. In the show I watched on HRTV her breeder commented on her feet several times. Just an observation – no need to get fussy.

  • Quilla

    How convenient, indeed. An unpaid bill, a poisonous spider (!), an adverse reaction to antibiotics, laminitis…insurance?

    Poor Jimmy.

    Nothing to see here, folks.

  • rachel

    Just a baby…

  • LaraH2

    oh this is making me all teary-eyed. poor baby. poor people caring for him. i imagine this was a very hard thing to do.

  • Convene

    I HATE this disease! So much suffering, so many tears, so many promises unfulfilled. I think we should declare an international day of celebration when they finally find a cure for laminitis. And they will. Someday …

  • Elizabeth

    RIP beautiful boy. What a waste of a seemingly talented horse. I say that because his full sister Belle Couture just ran a close second on first official out last weekend at Bendigo. The world will never know………..

  • Beach

    Indescribably sad…God keep Jimmy…

  • Chantal Smithless

    It wasn’t the spider bite itself that was said to have caused the laminitis…… was the massive doses of antibiotics to TREAT the bite that was named as the culprit PLUS the fever that resulted in the horse as a result of the bite.

  • TN Trosin

    From the stand point of a farrier, I am calling BS on the spider bite as the onset cause. All you can do is hope they do a full necropsy to determine what actually was the cause.

  • MyBigRed

    Rest In Peace, Little Jimmy…..I had so hoped, he would recover.
    Too many Thoroughbreds are dying this winter of Colic & Laminitis. It makes you wonder, What’s going on here ??
    All I can say is, I Thank the Lord, my horses are healthy….

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