Big-Hearted Horse Gives New Life to Others

by | 12.23.2013 | 9:19am
Hercules at work

A 2,000-pound horse named Hercules is getting a lot of attention for his life-saving efforts at the University of Minnesota, where he is a star blood donor for the school's equine veterinary hospital. Hercules is able to donate eight to ten liters of blood every month, providing a new lease on life for many of the clinic's patients.

In return, University of Minnesota students and officials have given the gelding a new sense of purpose in his own life. In addition to instituting a program to give the clinic's resident herd more attention and handling when they're off-duty, officials have made Hercules the school's mascot.

The Belgian Draft has taken up painting, and has begun visiting local equine events to help fundraise. He also has his own Facebook page. No word on whether he requires assistance to post status updates.

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  • Pamela Kelly

    Is Hercules the mascot for all the U. of MN or just the Equine Center? Nice story!

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