Barbi Twins vs. Obama, ‘Slaughterhouse Sue’

by | 12.02.2011 | 1:11pm

Shane and Tia Barbi, the former Playboy playmates better known as the Barbi Twins, have focused their animal rights advocacy on the issue of horse slaughter, asking their followers to sign a petition to end the practice and urging them to contact Wyoming pro-slaughter Rep. Sue Wallis, who they have dubbed “Slaughterhouse Sue” for her efforts to bring horse slaughter back to the U.S.

After Congress approved H2112, which includes language permitting USDA inspections of horse rendering facilities, the Barbi Twins criticized both Wallis and President Barack Obama, who signed the wide-ranging spending bill into law.

“Obama screwed up& caved n 2 Slaughterhouse SueWallis,” the Twins Tweeted recently, according to Politico. They also wrote on their Twitter account: “Many excuse Obama sayn he didnt know what he sign! He caved n $ 2 #Slaughtehouse SueWallis the devil!”

In addition to urging anti-slaughter advocates to sign a petition, the Barbi Twins asked their followers to call the White House and Rep. Wallis to express their opposition to slaughter.

Wallis, meanwhile, defends horse slaughter as something that would improve the welfare of horses.

“It does,” Wallis told Politico. But “you could always take your horse to sale and get a few dollars. And overnight we turned that valuable asset into a very expensive liability with zero options. … So people in desperation were turning them out, dumping their horses out on the desert where they have no more idea of how to fend for themselves in the desert then you and I would. They die of thirst and starvation, or worse, they have their guts torn out by coyotes while they're still alive because they're too weak to get up. That is inhumane. And that's what really upsets horse people.”

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