AQHA Must Accept Clones in 30 Days, Pony Up $900,000

by | 08.23.2013 | 5:08pm

Judge Mary Lou Robinson signed an order on Thursday giving the American Quarter Horse Association 30 days to accept clones into its breed registry.

The order comes after two Texas breeders won a lawsuit against the group, claiming the AQHA violated anti-trust laws by shutting cloned horses out. Robinson also ordered the group to pay $900,000 in legal fees to the plaintiffs.

A statement released by the AQHA revealed that the group will apply for a stay of the injunction while it appeals the outcome of the lawsuit. In the meantime, it will begin incorporating the court's ruling into its registration guidelines in the event the appeal is lost.

The Association said its members remain upset with the ruling and its potential impacts on the Quarter Horse breeding industry.

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  • ziggypop

    Jockey Club beware.

    • Lexington 3

      Different history.

      • ziggypop


        • CVTLC

          No AI for one thing.

  • rancher

    So, how many clones will be in the All American Futurity in 2016-2016?

    • 4Bellwether666


  • Ed Brockman

    A I ,Shay I. Don’t think for a moment that some of these same individuals are not in the process of planning which Thoroughbred to clone. When they go to court they will have the AQHA case in their corner.

  • perks

    Aqha foals require a sire, dam and a breeders certificate with date of breeding and time of foaling, thats according to the by laws. Clones are not breeding people. When you bought that yearling out of that blue hen mare and champion sire, you did not buy breeding rights to those genes forever. Copies will do nothing but hurt the real breeders who have been doing this and investing for a very long time, buying specific stock & breeding champions and doing their homework. If anything its not fair to them for someone to just make a copy.

  • Mimi Hunter

    Does this void all the rules and regulations for registering a horse in any breed registry? Seems to me that it would.

  • I really don’t think cloning will become all that popular. It’s certainly not cheap, and people will not be getting an exact “copy” of the horse. There is more to dna than people think. Identical twins share identical dna, but anyone who knows a pair of twins can tell you they are very different. I have seen cloned dogs on TV and the did not even look identical to the original in color. After spending all that money to clone a champion and getting a horse who does not become a champion, people will drop the cloning idea.

  • jjlow
    M.CALIFITA – He is the last stallion on the page, click and you can breed your polo mare to this cloned horse.
    How is your espanol?

  • Ben van den Brink

    Not in the TB as live cover is stated. IF was already accepted in the AQHA.

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