Stauffer Headed To Del Mar Handicapping Challenge With Two Entries

by | 07.17.2017 | 4:47pm
Vic Stauffer

Track announcer Vic Stauffer has been raking in the qualifications for the July 29-30 Del Mar Handicapping Challenge, wrapping up a second $7,000 entry for the contest in Sunday's qualifier. He will now enter the handicapping contest with two entries, and if either of those entries wins Stauffer will be eligible for a $10,000 HorseTourneys credit bonus.

Alan Rorrer has now won the Sunday Exacta tourney for the past two weeks in a row, writes blogger Eric Wing. The handicapper cashed for $900 last Sunday, and yesterday his top prize was worth $1200 in the weekly game.

Several handicappers recorded double-win weekends: Mike Yurczyk in the Wynn and NHC qualifiers, Ralph Lough in the $15,000 contest and the Monmouth Super Qualifier, and Gordon Larson took the top two placings in the Saratoga challenge qualifier.


  • Nytex

    You can have multiple entries, how many have illegal multiples? We talk about racing always having a cloud over it, and we condone this. Why can’t there be tournaments where you have one entry? They then have the audacity to crown one of these guys best handicapper of the year. This makes no sense to me.. Sorry. I’m sure there are great handicappers but why do you need more than one entry, other than to “fix” your positioning.

    • T Denman

      Vic is the size of two people, so two entries seems about right

  • Charles Smith

    Some of the biggest names in tournament handicapping have struggled, if not outright failed in real world betting. I don’t hate them for their success in tourney venues, I praise them. I’m just saying the dynamics for success are different in real world betting. A player needs to be well capitalized and be a disciplined money manager betting into pari mutuel pools. Just being a sharp handicapper is not enough to survive. Comparing tournament play to everyday betting is like comparing daily fantasy sports to actual sports betting, signifigant differences in each.

  • Olebobbowers

    This dude, Stauffer, as a steward and race announcer, can only bring negative feelings to this contest. If he were to win it, or collect any portion of the purse, it will leave the other entrants wondering if it’s legit. Bad publicity for racing, which there is too much of currently.

    • Big daddy

      That dude’s reputation is impeccable and if he wins it’s because he’s an excellent handicapper

    • Eric

      You are completely off base. Many tournament participants have some connection to racing, whether they are an owner, a trainer, an announcer, a jockey agent, a family member of a licensee… the only edge that he might have is the edge that he gives himself through hard work, study, and analysis. Tournament handicappers understand that.

      • Olebobbowers

        I notice you didn’t mention Steward in that group. That was the gist of my statement. Example, would you feel comfortable having you future dependent upon his decision if you won that contest over him?

        • Eric

          I guess I am not getting your point here. You are saying if I beat him in a contest, then if he actively became a steward again (I don’t believe he has worked as a steward in a few years, but even if he did) he would be inclined to DQ a horse that he knew I bet? Or if I was an owner/trainer, he would find a way to rule me off because I happened to win a contest that he participated in? Neither of these scenarios is plausible. For every winner of a handicapping contest, there are people who finish 2nd and 3rd, and I don’t think they walk around thinking about ways to extract revenge on the winner. I don’t know Vic personally, but I doubt he feels that way either.

          You can clue me in if you want because I truly don’t get it. Nor do I understand why anyone would think its not “legit” if he won. He has won a few contests, and I highly doubt people were storming out and saying they will never play again.

  • FlyingDutchman

    Slow news day, apparently…

  • gus stewart

    Dont know vic, but you have to know a little and of course get lucky,, i have heard he plays with a few guys so yes multiple tickets are common in his group im told, but anyone can do that and it doesnt mean your going
    to win them.. better chance of cashing in top 3 through 5 or 6th, but winning one and reapeating requires some skills, but luck plays the biggest part in these when it comes to betting.

    • John Smith

      Gus, please stop. What will it take to keep you from posting here? When you begin a post I can predict with nearly 100% accuracy what you are going to write next. Is this about money? How much do you need?

      • gus stewart

        Oh please john load me up with a brinks truck.. what i said,, what giving him credit for doing well but stating what i have been told by other tournament players and the ones i play with. Do you play these john doe oh i mean smith, i rarely do, but i do go and buy in with a group.. if i could i would alert you with any topic i choose to speak on so u dont have to go take a Tums,, there are many positive things i say on some of the tropics presented here, but if you want some happy koolaid, maybe we can get you some. Fyi, very little help from me, my freinds finished 3rd in last santa anita tour, so with winnings and del mar free entry, they made about 21000, vic and his group are very good, my response was about mutiple entries. Yes i will give you amount of check for me,, but send it to the cerf foundation for retired racehorses,,

        • John Smith

          Gus, you said “luck plays the biggest part in these when it comes to betting.” Meaningless drivel! What is your next pearl of wisdom??? How about “health plays the biggest part when it comes to living.” You’re just not that bright, are you? It’s verbal diarrhea, Gus and you have a bad case of it.

          • gus stewart

            If you do play these, and have seen how many of these tournaments have been won and what type of bet was made to win the tournament, you may have a differnt veiw. I will make it simple for you to understand one more time sice your insults could only lead me to believe you are the one lacks connectivity in the head, winning many of these has come down to one lucky bet. If you have participated in the cash ones, you would know this. finishing in the top 5 many times requires skills which i had stated. So if your done, im done with anymore responses your as you said diarrhea or lack of knowledge in these events. Maybe your a guy who has hit the lotto a few times, and has a system of what numbers you play. There are folks who have won those that will tell you they are good at picking numbers. Try to have a nice day

          • JOHN SMITH

            I was having a great day Gus, until having to endure your unending bloviating. Keep it short and just tell me to stick it, OK?

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