Report: Breeders’ Cup Withholding BCBC Purse Payouts

by | 11.09.2017 | 4:59pm

According to the Daily Racing Form‘s Matt Hegarty, the Breeders' Cup is not yet releasing prizes for the Breeders' Cup Betting Challenge after a number of players have submitted a letter to the organization alleging misconduct.

The letter alleges players cooperated on entries, which is against the rules of the contest. According to the Form it is not unusual for players to handicap together, but it is difficult to prove when two or more players may have actually coordinated their plays. The letter accuses contest winner Nisan Gabbay and ninth-place finisher Eric Moomey of directing picks on entries besides their own. Kevin McFarland, longtime tournament partner to Gabbay, denies the allegations and speculated they were the result of “sore losers”; Moomey did not comment.

The Breeders' Cup released the following statement to the Form: “Breeders' Cup Limited and Del Mar Thoroughbred Club will take all actions necessary to ensure that the integrity of the Breeders' Cup Betting Challenge is not compromised.”

Read more at the Daily Racing Form

  • stephen thompson

    Well, Well, Well,….. what have we here…….The Truth…I can handle the Truth……

  • snowchrome

    Good. This needs to be fixed.

  • Waquoit

    Live money tournaments are BS.

  • Richard C

    Fred Sanford has a message for the (alleged) miscreants — You Big Dummy!

  • Judoon

    I don’t understand much about tournament play. Can someone explain why people would be tournament partners? Don’t players (at least in this contest) bet and win as individuals? Are there some other betting contests where people play in teams?

    • affirmed

      good question Judoon.. I was also of the impression that it’s a win for yourself game? I never knew that players could form a syndicate and select horses in the Contest? so if this is the case, why could this be? then again with the syndicates, say I am with a syndicate and I won the contest, I would have to share the winning Money prize with them? I think I would not want any syndicate I can handicap my own selections, and dont need any hangers on! to me, then after winning with a syndicate.. if I dont share the Money evenly then bad blood not me.. not selfish, just want what is mine to be mine, so sorry no syndicates for me, I dont need their help.

  • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Well, I know I was not involved because
    A.) I did not sign up for this
    B.) Betting at the window only I lost every race

  • Melvin

    It’s part of the game stop complain and move on this is raceing it’s all part of the game.

    • JamagotasueU

      No freaking way, investigate and put a stop to it.

  • Andrew A.

    Truth is we have a sick industry and it’s not limited to this tournament. The entire Industry is sick with problems that give one person or group a huge advantage over another. One example would be the way the Industry has helped the huge barns/Super Trainers dominate the entry box and the game while smaller outfits have a tougher time than ever.

    There is a big story here and it’s not limited to this specific tournament. The way parimutuel wagering was intended, every pool is its own tournament. Bringing takeout levels near to maximums allowed by state law destroys any new gambler trying to learn how to wager.

    You say you want to grow the game? B*LLSH*T! Very little being done by this industry says it’s trying to grow the game.

  • Peter Scarnati

    What have we here? The players paying a crooked game are crooked themselves??
    Say it ain’t so!

  • Carlsports

    This is one of the reasons i got out of the National Hdcpg Tour a few yrs ago..i had been to the Las Vegas tourney twice & saw & heard guys doing this aloud..nobody has been monitoring the rules so i’m glad the tourney directors are finally doing something about it..should have been done yrs ago..they have patterned these big tourneys to suit the big gamblers & thus the little guys like me are nobody..i will not go back to the Tour

  • The Beard Whisperer

    What’s BOTH disingenuous and hypocritical is one of the “concerned” veteran tournament players signing the complaint letter has qualified his mother to the NHC at least 3 times and she also finished in the top five of the NHC Tour one year. Talk about the pot calling the kettle “Black Beauty”.

  • Henry F Gasbarro

    Most of the people are right. You DO NOTHING FOR THE RACING FAN.

    • venetian

      Want the Industry to fail? Sound like a democrat and you obviously have no understanding of how simulcast wagering works

      • Al McBean

        F…n people like you make me sick…everything is ascribed to politics…someone makes a stupid comment about the industry and they have to be a democrat…That right there is why this country is in the crappie state that it is politically …now go to your neonazi rally and leave sites like this for horseplayers.

    • Tom Davis

      If odds are not to change once the race starts, then tote machines have to be locked for that race when the horses reach the starting gate. Then the odds will change one more time showing the final odds when the horses are entering the gate. It won’t help you any. It just doesn’t look right when the odds change right after the race starts. The tote machines for that race lock when the bell goes off (or they’re supposed to lock).

  • kyle

    The investigation that needs to take place is into who wrote and approved these rules. To have this jumble governing such a prestigious, lucrative event is the real scandal.

  • PatHobby

    Tournaments like this and the NHC are rackets.

  • FrazySlew

    For several years, I’ve wanted to test my skills against the best in the BCBC. In October, I was diagnosed with an incurable disease and decided the time was now. But how? As a father of two teens, I didn’t have 10k to spare. A friend of mine offered to buy 50% of my SINGLE entry in exchange for a split in my profits…should I win (no collusion…strictly an investor). I studied past tournament results and set a goal. My goal was 45k. I knew that virtually every year, 45k would put me way up into the top rungs of the prize pool and maybe even win it if I did a bit better. But first I had to plan how to bet FIVE “MUST BET” races on Friday and the same on Saturday; and bet large amounts no less (3000 and 4500 minimums per day respectively).

    And you know…that’s what the printed rules said: “MUST.” MUST wager those 10 races. I even photographed the bets on the machine to make sure I bet the necessary minimums.

    I ended Friday in 5th with 25k or so, but the leader was way way ahead of where I expected the pace to be. I had no clue that I was playing against 4 partnered entries who bet entire balances on 4 different horses in one race to significantly reduce the skill required to surpass me. In fact, that race was won by the bettiing FAVORITE, Mendelssohn (thus not me…I don’t bet favorites). Most of my Friday money came from Battle of Midway and Forever Unbridled, the former a rank outsider. But with each wager, I had to be careful not to overbet….because I had more MANDATORY “MUST” wager races ahead. I didn’t have a collusion luxury.

    I had ONE honest entry.

    My good fortunes continued through most of Saturday and with one race to go, I had my 45k. Wow! I did it! I was sitting in 7th. Things were perfect. I had done exactly what I set out to do. I had been in 7th or so for a couple of races. I was happy just to get “on the podium.” I decided, strategically, to sit out the last race aside from a small losing long shot wager. The race looked awfully chalky so I knew it was very unlikely I would drop 9 spots out of prize money. After the race I smiled. Chalky result = should easily retain a top 15 placing. I was wrong. I didn’t realize that a 2/1 co-chalk over tlanother short price would knock me out of ALL prize money (by about $200).

    To recap… on Friday a favorite catapulted a consortium. And Saturday a 2/1 catapulted an “LLC” or self-described platonic “marriage” consortium. Wow. Some handicapping contest! I cashed out my 45k. I looked at the leader board….made official puzzlingly quickly….and I noticed my total was incorrect (low). I also heard people scream “who won it? Oh that’s one of *name omitted* guys!” What? I knew who that was…But I thought he was already crapped out. I didn’t know he had “a guy.” Or did he have several guys… several guys betting OTHER short-priced possibilities? Was he actually a virtual lock…So long as he got a chalky result ?

    Some facts are clear. The way the GABAY team played it for their “LLC”…It amounted to having (at the very minimum) a 15k bankroll, or 2x the requisite 7500 bankroll. Why? Because they played through the first 7500 until it was out and yet they still had 7500 with which to swing. Had I had a 15k bankroll I would have made 90k my goal AND ALSO REACHED IT EASILY. I’m no statistician but I can assure you that’s an exponentially unfair advantage. Finally, with 444 entrants this year….why did the tournament runners use the extra entry money to bonus the top guys? Wouldn’t that have been a perfect opportunity to add some placings? After all, they only paid out to about the top 3% of entries (15 of 444). That’s very tight and not in-line with similar tournaments. There were too many sharks in that water. And two favorites on a weekend of longshots (Mendelssohn and Gun Runner) made winners out of also-rans. Seriously?

  • Trust Your Eyes

    The real issue here is that 430 some odd players put up 10K each and played by the intended rules while a handful of less honorable players knowingly took advantage of the way the rules were written to give themselves a gigantic advantage. What a surprise that the 1st and 2nd place finishers came from the 10 or so players that did NOT place a single wager until late in the day on Saturday. That’s over 500K in prize money removed from honest players pockets and awarded to those with a twisted moral compass. If the Breeders Cup allows these individuals to make off with their ill gotten gains the BCBC is finished. They have a fiduciary responsibility to protect those who played by the intended rules against unscrupulous players. Oh, did I fail to mention that several of the individuals in question including the winning partners allegedly lobbied for the current set of rules that were put in place in 2016.

    • Soi Phet

      You are wrong on the facts. The second place finisher placed 4 bets on Friday. In accordance with the rules, he received a 1000 point penalty.

      • Trust Your Eyes

        This was reported by Peter Fornatale in DRF on Friday, Nov 10th. “As the current rule is written, to not play on Day 1 is an advantage (note that second-place finisher Ron Ferrise also didn’t wager on Day 1).”

        So, if you are correct and Fornatale is incorrect then Ron Ferrise will be awarded 1st place when Gabbey gets DQ’d. If Fornatale is correct then 1st place will go to Ed Peters who finished 3rd. Either way, I’m confident that Team Gabbey is coming down.

  • 13mikew

    Seriously people….someone show me how this is truly illegal.?

    Racing is a sport of camaraderie!…when has anyone ever not heard” who do you like?” or I woulda coulda shoulda stories!

    i am a contest player – including an 8th place finish the the NHC finals —
    and i go way back, as I and the late-great Jeffrey Sotman pioneered the NHC- Qualify on-line !

    Tournaments are meant to let those who are good at handicapping horses ,bask in glory amongst their peers! Don’t get me wrong – the contests are ment to be competitive , with lucrative prizes . But horseplayers don’t sit in isolation booths . We chat among ourselves! We applaud the winners – which the tournaments have proven by the excitement and energy of the rooms. The popularity is growing because they are fun too!.

    A day at the contests – like a day at the track….We sit with our friends and we enjoy the game!. I have seen husbands and wives, sons and mothers , groups of friends, and brothers and sisters working together.
    You still have to pick winners ! It doesn’t matter who tells who what they like – your horse has to win ! i don’t know how many times a good friend talked me off the winner too!

    As a fan I love this action ! These contests are here to promote the sport, and keep the game alive by perhaps drawing some younger people in! There are lots of contests now , and the rules are out there far in advance . If you aren’t comfortable with these – skip the tournament — or – better yet reach to the groups in charge for discussion or clarification before the tournaments!

    I say Congrats to the winners!! You did what i wished i could’ve done.

    Dont let poor sportsmanship crash your party!

    • Trust Your Eyes

      I couldn’t disagree more. Did you put up 10K for the BCBC in 2017? I seriously doubt it. The contest environment that you describe is an accurate depiction of most fictional money tournaments. It is NOT an accurate description of high stakes live money tournaments. Further, every contestant signs an affidavit in regard to colluding on entries. If you think it’s OK that a select few circumvent the rules to their great advantage then please let me know where I can pick-up your 10K next year.

      The contestants who did not play by the spirit of the rules as well as those violating their affidavit (the winner falls into BOTH categories) should be DQ’d and their prizes should go to the next player down the list who did abide by the rules. There is a reason that this years winner had over 100K more than the winners in the prior 3 years. Odds are pretty good that he never would have even gotten to the next to last race of the contest with his bankroll intact had he followed the spirit of the rules and/or not colluded with another player whom also violated the intent of the rules.

      Simple statistical analysis of the final results verify my viewpoint in regard to this matter. It has been reported that roughly 10 contestants violated the spirit of the rules and did not place any wagers on Friday. The first and second place finishers came from this group of 10. Coincidence? I think not.

      • kyle

        There is no such thing as “spirit of the rules,” there is only the letter.

  • ReplayRandall

    This situation is more serious than some are posting here. IMO, this will be the first time someone is finally DQ’d from the BCBC Challenge, whether you agree or not. The Challenge has to draw the line somewhere, with justice finally being served or the whole thing loses credibility and goes down…..Rules are written in the spirit of what is fair, just, good, right and wise.

  • Michael Antoniades

    The current rules are made for collusion.II ran tournaments for twenty years and we constantly learned how to safeguard a tournament for all the players because we had the problems with the schemers. This is a simple fix to me. Everyone gets the same bets on the same races. This format stops the cheating.

    Each entry gets nine WP wagers.

    4 Friday BC races $250 WP
    First 5 Saturday BC races. $500 WP, This helps create more interest on the second day
    That’s $7,000 wagered. That extra $3000 of the $10,000 entry goes into a prize fund that is
    now $1.200,000 based on 400 entries. After those nine races you cut to the top 10. Those 10 would get $1000 WP In the last two BC races. This also eliminates the collusion factor.

    The downside is that the handle on the tournament goes down significantly . But you can put an extra $200,000 in the prize fund based on 400 entries and you now have a fair tournament, which will lead to higher participation. Just remember, the forst World Series of Poker had 29 entries.

    That would be my starting point for dialogue.

  • gus stewart

    Your foolish if u dont work with a partner or partners in these tournaments, i mean if you in the second day and your both or three are in top 20, its better to get a split on top one through 5 then all keying the same horse. Poker they do the same thing live or online, dont believe otherwise. But how do prove it or make rules against it good luck pay the man or woman the money

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