Remington Park Introducing 20-Cent Jackpot Wager, The Sooner 6ix

by | 10.03.2018 | 9:01am

Remington Park will debut a new wager on its racing program this Friday night, Oct. 5. The Sooner 6ix will challenge horseplayers and offer a jackpot payoff if there is only one ticket with six of six correct.

This unique “pick six-style” wager is a 20-cent bet and will cover the final six races on the Remington Park racing card every race date. The Sooner 6ix races this Friday night (races 4 thru 9) have 59 horses entered for an average field size of 9.83 per race.

The Sooner 6ix will pay out 50% of the wagering pool to winning tickets with six of six correct. If there are no tickets with the winners of all six races picked, then the payoff moves down to tickets with five of six correct, and so on. The other 50% of the wagering pool will carry over to the jackpot pool. That carryover pool will grow until there is one unique ticket with six-of-six correct, winning the entire pool for the wager, plus the carryover, or until there is a mandatory payout situation on the final day of the season.

“Horseplayer response to Remington Park racing this season is the best it has ever been,” said Matt Vance, vice president of operations. “We are coming off the best Oklahoma Derby Day in Remington Park history and feel the time is right to offer an exciting jackpot payoff opportunity to all the bettors supporting our racing product. We have over half the season remaining and believe the Sooner 6ix, combined with our outstanding average field size of 9.2 horses per race, will provide strong momentum to the finish in mid-December.”

The Sooner 6ix at Remington Park will carry a reduced pari-mutuel takeout rate of 21%, the lowest amount allowed for a multi-race wager by Oklahoma law.

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