Pay The Lady: British Student Takes Bookmaker To Court Over £1 Million Winning Bet

by | 07.11.2017 | 1:35pm
British bookmakers

A British student has filed a lawsuit against one of Britain's largest bookmakers for their refusal to pay out over £1 million on a winning wager.

The Telegraph reports that the student, Megan McCann, who was 19 at the time, has filed suit against Hillside (UK Sports) LP, which operates as the online betting company ‘bet365'. The lawsuit was filed in the High Court of Northern Ireland.

In documents filed with the court, McCann claims that she is owed £1,009,960 by bet365, a company which was co-founded and run by Denise Coates, the wealthiest businesswoman in Britain. Coates is said to be worth £3.2 billion.

According to the Telegraph, McCann wagered “almost £25,000 on 12 different horses in four relatively obscure races, winning £985,000.” The betting firm has refused to honor the wager, stating that McCann was in “flagrant breach” of its terms and conditions. The company is convinced that McCann's betting stake was provided by a ‘third party', and has accused McCann of fraud and cheating.

McCann fervently denies any wrongdoing. According to the Telegraph, McCann's wager “involved a total of 960 £13 each way ‘Lucky 15' bets placed on 12 horses running in the 6.10 at Bath, the 7.20 at Kempton, and the 7.00 and 8.30 at Naas in Ireland on June 22 last year.”

The company has withheld McCann's winnings as well as her initial stake of £24,960, stating that she broke the ‘no third party' rule. McCann's lawyers “dispute that she agreed to such a rule, which are buried within terms and conditions which are ‘too lengthy, too complex and much too vague for the average customer to understand.'”

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  • john

    She won….pay the lady!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard C

    These joints never get real ornery when accepting wagers!

  • Ida Lee

    Oh Oh … the dreaded “fine print”…..she’ll lose this won ….

  • wmk3400

    Interesting article in the Telegraph. I especially like the last two paragraphs.

    The alleged refusal of online betting companies to honour wagers is now subjected to a joint investigation by the Gambling Commission and the Competition and Markets Authority.

    Sarah Harrison, Gambling Commission’s chief executive, has said: “Gambling operators must treat customers fairly – but some have been relying on terms that are unclear with too many strings attached.”

    The part of this story that I find most intriguing is the fact that the bookmaker has basically stolen the original deposit of £24,960. I’d file theft charges for that alone. I’m not sure what British law allows but I’d go for it if I were Ms. McCann.

  • L.L. Kauffman

    A 19 yo student bet 25,000 pounds on 12 obscure races? Please. That smells soooo fishy!

  • Charles Smith

    From reading this article and others in the UK press regarding this matter, it seems that bet365 is convinced by the strong circumstancial evidence (age, sex of punter, amount of wager, type of wager) that it’s rules have been violated. I’d bet against them prevaling in court. Pay the lady.

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