Meadowlands Introduces New Pick 10 Survivor Wager

by | 09.07.2017 | 7:07pm
The Meadowlands

The Meadowlands Racetrack is pleased to introduce the Pick 10 Survivor wager. This first-of-its-kind wager will debut when the New Jersey harness track opens its Fall/Winter Meet on Saturday, November 4.

The Pick 10 Survivor requires the selection of the winner in the first 10 races on the program. The unique twist in the wager is ticket holders that correctly select the winner of Race 1 will advance to Race 2 while those tickets that fail to pick the Race 1 winner will be eliminated. Then all live tickets after Race 2 will advance to Race 3 while those that failed to pick the Race 2 winner will be eliminated. This continues until there is only one correct ticket (“The Survivor”) or all 10 races have been completed.

The lone surviving ticket will win the entire pool minus the wager's 15-percent takeout. If there are multiple tickets that survive through all 10 legs or are the last surviving tickets eliminated at the same time, they will split the net pool. The wager will carry a 20-cent minimum and begin each night on the first race. There is no carryover associated with the wager. The Meadowlands is partnering with the USTA's Strategic Wagering Program to guarantee the wagering pool at $10,000.

“We think it is imperative for our industry to innovate and create new ways to wager on our product for our core customers,” said Jason Settlemoir, Meadowlands GM/COO. “We believe the horseplayers will love the fact that the winner takes down the entire pool each night. The Pick 10 Survivor is the result of lots of hard work and dedication from both our staff at the Meadowlands and our partners at Sportech and I would like to thank everyone who has helped get us to this position.”

The Survivor Wager was first presented to Meadowlands chairman Jeff Gural by longtime horseplayer Eric Cherry. It took more than three years of development and testing in partnership with Sportech to finalize the wager. Once this piece of the puzzle was completed, it was sent to the New Jersey Racing Commission for approval.

Michele Fischer, Sportech's Vice President Sales and Business Development for the Americas, commented, “As the tote technology provider for The Meadowlands, Sportech is pleased to help bring the new exotic Pick 10 Survivor wager to New Jersey.  The Pick 10 Survivor demonstrates that both The Meadowlands and Sportech are player-centric and seek to maximize player satisfaction by catering to the demand for engaging and rewarding bets.”

The Meadowlands will be the only track in North America that will offer this wager. It is scheduled to be available for horseplayers on all Advance Deposit Wagering platforms and brick-and-mortar racetrack and simulcast facilities.

  • The game

    When this wager fails, I want to know who is going to take the blame

    • Kevin Callinan

      says the guy with the anonymous name- LOL

  • gus stewart

    I have been thinking,,lol,thats rare, but what would prevent much like a lotto, multiple tracks say like 4 or 5 combine a wager like a lotto if u want to handicapp races go ahead, but if you maybe had a show parlay or place parlay on 40 races 5 tracks starting on a friday, cordinate east coast west coast, how big would that pool get on a dollar bet. Track would have to put up intial maybe 20000. Again i dont know how it would be done but would this not draw in fans that would not normally not gamble on horses,, just looking out of box but there must be a wsy to utilize all track combined for massive payouts

  • Eric

    I wonder how many idiots will go deep or “ALL” in leg 10.

    • David Juffet


  • wmk3400

    I give horseplayer Eric Cherry credit for his imagination and Mr. Gural credit for his attempt at trying something new HOWEVER….
    …..say I tap out otherwise, get a headache, get tired, get hungry, get hemorrhoids (early and often), etc. midway through the wager, I’m stuck there aren’t I? I’ll bet given time this wager is a flop. There’s zero chance that I’ll ever place this bet.
    By the way I DO LOVE the fact that a mere horseplayer (and I’m not saying that as an insult) was listened to by a RACE TRACK OWNER!! That is the part of this story that really jumps out at me. I wish Mr. Gural success at the tracks that he owns. I’ve been to Tioga Downs a few times and love the place (and that is after it was dormant for 30 years).

  • Piper Spitz

    I like it. Because I’m not an angry old man who hates anything new.

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