Gorajec: Horseplayers Deserve To Know When Claims Are Voided

by | 10.10.2018 | 9:08am

Joe Gorajec, writing in his InsideRacingRegs blog, recently called on all state racing regulators to adopt rules voiding the claim of horses in claiming races if they suffered fatal injuries or were placed on the vet's list immediately after competing. To date, Gorajec writes, nine states have adopted such rules.

In his latest post, the former Indiana Horse Racing Commission executive director points out that only one of those states, California, appears to be routinely providing voided claim information to Equibase, the industry's official database, so that horseplayers reading charts and past performances know when a horse was claimed and then had that claim voided.

Gorajec; thinks this must change and suggests not only making sure voided claims are provided to Equibase but also detailing the general reason a claim may have been voided. He writes that claims can be voided for reasons other than a horse's physical condition.

“I believe horse players deserve this information,” Gorajec writes. “It might be helpful; it might not. That should not be for us – regulators, track operators, horsemen, etc. – to decide. Put the information out there and let the public decide. They are the ones who are risking their money.”

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