Betmix Free Race Of The Day: Handicapping With BirdDog

by | 05.15.2016 | 7:34am

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There are numerous tools and handicapping screens available to you in Betmix, the newest addition is called BirdDog. It allows you to customize your experience by adding as many or as few handicapping widgets to your screen as you want. You can drag the widgets around and create totally customized handicapping software that meets your needs and experience level.

One of the many features in the BirdDog screen is the “Handicapping Overview”. This widget will appeal to new and experienced handicappers. It will show you the rankings of each horse in the race using some pre-built handicapping models.

The free BirdDog free race of the day is the 7th from Belmont, a 7 furlong turf allowance race. The screen below shows you 19 different handicapping models and includes a consensus ranking at the bottom.


Quick Handicapping Buttons

Top 10 – Uses a weighted blend of the 10 most important factors for the race type

Win% – Uses a weighted blend of the factors with the best win percentages

Hit The Board – Uses factors that predict high percentage of horses that ran 1, 2 or 3

Blend – Uses a mix of factors from each category (Speed, Pace, Earnings, etc.)

Longshot – Uses a mix based on factors with high win ROI numbers.

Overall Rankings – Uses the ideal setting from Overall Rankings. This is based on the setting that predicted the most exactas within the top 4 ranked horses of the sample of similar races.


These rankings will give you an idea of how the horses rank within each category using a weighted mix of the factors within that group. Factors that are more highly ranked within the group will be given more weight. You can click on the buttons the represent each factor to see the mix used. The signal strength icons next to the factor groups tell you how important each group is for the race you are handicapping. In today's race (7f turf allowance races at Belmont) speed is very important (4 green bars) while pedigree has no bars – meaning those factors have not been as predictive.


The “Score” rankings are based on ranking the horses using the default factors in the main horse table:

Last Finish Position, Lengths Beaten, Speed Last Race and Class Difference. The score rankings are computed by looking at each horse's rank within each of those factors and they give you a solid look at horses most qualified to compete in today's race.

The “BirdDog” rankings use the top 10 factors from the BirdDog table. This table looks at a large number of similar races with the same amount of starters as the race you are handicapping. If you are handicapping a 6f dirt claiming race with 8 starters, the BirdDog stats will be based on a large group of races that were 6f dirt with exactly 8 starters. The BirdDog table lets you see how often a horse wins when ranked at a certain position. The BirdDog ranks takes the 10 best factors for the race type and computes a score from that.

First of all it will search the database for the most recent similar race. A similar race is one that was run at the same track, surface, distance and class as the one you are handicapping.

Once it finds that race it runs MixMaker to find the best Mix, then comes back and applies that mix to the current race for you. It will then put those rankings in the Handicapping Overview widget for you.

The MixBot will then repeat the process, finding the most recent race won by a favorite (winner paid less than $6.00), won by a medium priced horse ($6 – $15) and finally the most recent race won by a longshot (winner paid more than $15.00).


The combined results of all of the rankings (Quick Handicapping, Factor Groups, Score & BirdDog). Underneath you will see a score that reflects each horses rankings across the 19 different handicapping models. In our example above for today's free race #10 (Brimstone) is ranked best across all methods with a score of 60, #9 (SonnyandPally) and #1 (Go Go Lucky) are tied with 53 points each.

The Handicapping Overview widget is just one of many tools available to you in BirdDog, you can learn about all of the options on the BirdDog help page.

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