Are Veterinary Salaries Driving Up The Cost Of Care?

by | 03.23.2018 | 7:09am

Over the past several years the number of pets in the U. S. has been on the rise, while the number of visits to veterinary hospitals has dropped. The result has been that the average cost of veterinary services throughout the country has been increasing at a rate faster than inflation.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recently looked into what the current salary trends are in veterinary medicine and whether recent salary increases/decreases were impacting the cost of veterinary care for customers. To do this, the AVMA looked through two decades of data and found that while the mean salary number for veterinarians has been on the rise, when inflation is taken into account, veterinary salaries have actually been dropping.

One possible cause for this could be the increase in young veterinarians who are entering the profession faster than older, more seasoned veterinarians are retiring.  Younger veterinarians typically enter the profession at a starting salary of less than $80,000, while more experienced veterinarians in the twilight of their careers are earning more than $130,000 annually, which could account for lower overall averages throughout the profession.

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