Veterinarians Fighting Reclassification Of Anesthesia Drug

by | 11.03.2015 | 7:00am

Veterinarians are fighting a proposed reclassification of the drug ketamine by the World Health Organization (WHO), saying that additional international controls over the availability of the drug could make it difficult for them to use it in clinical practice.

The WHO plans to discuss ketamine's classification during a Nov. 16-20 meeting in Geneva and is considering changing the substance from a schedule 3 to a schedule 1 drug due to high incidence of abuse among people. The American Veterinary Medical Association is instead advocating that ketamine be a schedule 4 drug, which is the least restrictive of the controlled substances. The Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration are said to have differing opinions on the drug's classification.

Ketamine is commonly used when inducing anesthesia. It's a favorite of recreational drug users because it can produce hallucinations or illusions. According to DVM360, human users often steal the drug, and have been known to break into veterinary clinics to raid ketamine supplies.

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