Trainer, Owner, Vet – Who Is Responsible For A Horse’s Health?

by | 07.25.2016 | 5:09pm

The answer to the question in the headline should be “all of them.” But, in a 2009 white paper released by the AAEP, the organization minces no words when explaining that, while there should be an open line of communication between an owner, trainer and veterinarian, many times the owner is left out of the line of communication.

It is important for owners to know that veterinary care is not given to any racehorse without the trainer's direct or implicit approval and that their trainer is acting as their legal agent when requesting veterinary services for their horses. Without open communication, differing management philosophies often result in confusion and dissatisfaction.

Scott Hay, a veterinarian with Teigland, Franklin and Brokken in Florida, says he sees more of a disconnect between owners and the care of their horses than in other sports because they are absent from the daily happenings of the stable. Instead, practitioners work closely with trainers, regardless of whether the information is conveyed to the owner in a detailed format.

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