Study: What Factors Impact A Veterinarian’s Level Of Empathy?

by | 11.21.2016 | 8:51am

Veterinarians can vary on the amount of empathy they show toward a horse or its owner. Factors involved in the level of empathy shown can vary based on gender, age, and duration of the relationship between the veterinarian and client, among other things.

Researchers in Italy sought to learn how much the amount of empathy shown by veterinarians can vary and recently their findings were published in the online Journal of Veterinary Behavior.

The researchers studied 107 veterinarians and applied the Animal Empathy Scale and the Empathy Quotient, which is a 60-question survey that assesses a person's emotional response to someone else feeling or conveying emotions, to quantify their level of empathy to both their patients (horses) and their clients (humans).

While the researchers did find that female veterinarians showed more empathy toward their patients than did their male counterparts, there was no link between the amount of empathy shown and the tenure of their relationship with the client.

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