New Equine Leg Brace Could Be Game-Changer For Injury Recovery

by | 07.07.2017 | 7:50pm
The FastTrack device being fitted on a horse.

For anyone who deals with horses in a competitive nature, it is not if they will deal with lameness issues in their equine athletes, but when.

Horsepower Technologies is working to make dealing with those situations easier and safer with its new “Fast Track” device, a brace that is designed to accelerate a horse's recovery from soft-tissue-related injuries, such as tendon or ligament tears.

The Fast Track device attaches to a horse's leg in a similar way a knee brace would be worn by an NFL lineman, shifting the weight from the affected tendons and ligaments to the stronger bone in the front of the leg, said Mouli Ramani, president and CEO of Horsepower Technologies.

The brace also has a “SafeStop” mechanism, that controls the range of motion of the joint. The SafeStop has notches that allow users to allow for more range of motion as the horse progresses in its recovery.

Currently, the studies of the FastTrack device are being peer-reviewed for scientific journals. The Horsepower Technologies team hopes to introduce the device to the marketplace as early as November.


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