Community Rallies To Give Horse With Wry Nose New Lease On Life

by | 06.29.2017 | 10:24am
Bookbinder and Barbara, who is scheduled to have surgery at the University of Tennessee to correct her wry nose.

A horse named Barbara will hopefully get a new lease on life, thanks to a compassionate owner, a Texas community that rallied around her plight and a surgery slated to take place next week at the University of Tennessee.

Barbara's owner, Martha Talley, told Central Texas news station KXAN that Barbara was born with a wry nose, a congenital deformity in which the upper jaw and nose of a foal is deviated or bent to the side.

It is thought that a horse developing a wry nose occurs in the womb and is caused by malpositioning of the fetus as it develops. Horses with a wry nose can experience varying degrees of difficulty nursing, chewing and breathing.

Barbara's sweet disposition endeared her to her owner and to her caretaker, Shane Bookbinder, who calls her upcoming surgery a second chance at life. The pair were featured in a KXAN news segment and, upon airing, tens of thousands of dollars were donated by members of the community via a Go Fund Me page to help Barbara have her nose surgically repaired.

“From there on, she could be any type of horse she wants,” Bookbinder told KXAN in the segment that aired earlier this week. “A pleasure horse, a riding horse or a pleasure horse. Any type of horse she wants to [be].”

So fr $27,000 has been raised on Barbara's behalf, which will cover her surgery and part of her post-operative care and rehabilitation. The Go Fund Me campaign goal is $39,000, which will allow Barbara to remain at the University of Tennessee for six weeks after the surgery.

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