Venezuela: Veterinary School’s Horse Butchered By Bandits

by | 11.09.2018 | 2:28pm
Seal of the Central University of Venezuela

In an era of economic crisis for Venezuela, the Central University of Venezuela has an increasingly disconcerting problem: bandits are sneaking into the veterinary school's pastures and slaughtering the animals, then making off with the meat. According to, a 4-year-old filly named Miss Congeniality was the latest to fall victim.

“I burst into tears,” said veterinary student Rafael Toro, who delivered the news to other students. “We came here, and together we all cried.”

In recent months, two other horses at the school have been slaughtered, and since 2016 a total of seven cows (including a prize bull) have also been killed.

The market value for the meat of a full-grown horse is approximately $1,400.


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