Urine A Key Indicator To Equine Health

by | 08.14.2019 | 8:46pm

Whil it may seem awkward to stare at a horse as he urinates, learning what is “normal” for each horse can help equine caretakers spot issues quickly. For most horses, “normal” urine can be:

  • Pale yellow. Horses will access to water at all times will have urine that is paler in color.
  • Cloudy. Horse's intestines absorb extra calcium; this calcium is eliminated in the urine, making it cloudy.
  • Foamy. Urine has mucus in it, which acts as a lubricant to prevent the calcium carbonate crystals from turning into stones.
  • Dark yellow. Horses that sweat a lot in hot weather or those that have limited access to water may have darker-yellow urine.
  • Orange-red. Naturally occurring compounds in horse urine oxidize in light, causing them to turn a reddish hue.
  • Smelly. A horse with more protein in his diet will produce more ammonia and urea, which have a very distinct smell.

A horse that urinates a small quantity, seems uncomfortable while urinating or has urine that is bloody should be seen by a veterinarian. Additionally, a horse that is excreting very dark urine is cause for concern.

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