Three Foals Created From Deceased Mare’s Embryos

by | 02.27.2017 | 7:40am

Veterinarians in Texas helped Lisa Gaudio, a Pennsylvania horse owner, keep the legacy of her beloved mare alive in a most unusual way: by harvesting her ovaries after she had passed. Vets from Penn Vet's New Bolton Center in Kennett Square removed the ovaries from Kyrie Eleison, a 20-year-old half-Arabian mare after she was euthanized from complications from laminitis.

Back in the lab, the vets dissected the ovaries and harvested the eggs. The eggs were then sent to Texas A&M University, where they received an intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). In this procedure, only one sperm cell is injected into the egg.

This procedure was successful in fertilizing the mare's eggs. The fertilized eggs were then placed in surrogate mares in Texas. The mares, when ready to foal, were shipped to New Bolton Center. All three delivered healthy foals: Epona and Elle Vitorina, who are fillies, and Big Man in Town, a colt.

To get three foals from the procedure is surprising and Gauidio is very happy with the outcome.

Read more at CBS Philly.

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