‘It Was Terrifying’: California Fire Threatens Glen Falls Vocational Academy

by | 10.11.2017 | 11:34am

At least 15 wildfires are raging in Northern California and as of Wednesday morning, at least 15 people have died and over 100 are reported missing.

One of the many homes and farms threatened by the fire is the Glen Falls Vocational Academy (GEVA), Northern California's oldest Thoroughbred retirement facility.

In an interview Tuesday with the BloodHorse, GEVA owner Pam Berg said that she and her neighbors were told to evacuate the area early on Oct. 9. Unfortunately, she and the volunteers at the facility were forced to leave behind the 34 horses on the property.

“I was awakened by a neighbor's phone call at about 1 a.m.,” Berg told the BloodHorse Oct 10. “I went outside and it looked like the entire ridge was in flames. It was terrifying.”

“I tried to get there this morning (to check on the horses), but the roads are still closed,” Berg continued. “They wouldn't even let us walk in because of downed power lines. They told us it could be a number of days.”

Berg said that before they evacuated, they opened all the paddocks so that the horses could get to a central pond paddock on the property.

“We so appreciate the sympathy and prayers we've received. But if we can't get in, there's nothing much we can do—just hope the horses are smart enough to move to safety.”

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  • Tango F

    Bless them all.

  • Minneola

    I do hope that the PR does a follow-up to let us know how these horses fared. This is frightening.

  • Genellen

    This is just awful. Please let us know what happens…when is Mother Nature going to give us all a break?!

    Any word on the Kendall-Jackson wineries?

    • David Juffet

      When we give Mother Nature a break.

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