Kentucky Motel Checks In Unusual Guest

by | 10.13.2017 | 6:43am

Lindsey Partridge traveled with a truck and trailer nearly 15 hours from Ontario, Canada, to Lexington, KY, to compete in the Retired Racehorse Project's Thoroughbred Makeover, held at the Kentucky Horse Park. With three horses in tow, Partridge is a fierce competitor at the equine event, taking home multiple wins and top finished in the last three years.

On their way to the Horse Park, Partridge, with trailer in tow, had to drive right by the Super 8 motel in Georgetown, Ky., where she and her team would be staying during the event. So, she stopped to drop off their luggage, she shared with the Chronicle of the Horse.

As she was checking in, the front desk attendant was joking with Partridge about the hotel's pet policy. The employee was very laid-back, said Partridge to the Chronicle, and said she didn't care if the “pet” Partridge was referring to was her horse.

“So I got my horse off the trailer!” Partridge said. Needless to say, the results were an instant hit. Partridge took Here Comes Adri, also known as“Blizz,” to check back in, into her room and even watched some television with her.

Soon after the photo opp, she loaded Blizz back up and took her to the Horse Park where she was housed in a more-traditional stall for the duration of the competition. Lindsey uses Harmony Horsemanship to train her horses, ensuring a calm connection that helps her in situations that can be stressful for the horses (like being in a hotel room or competing before large crowds).

Blizz finished third in trail and sixth in the field hunter competition. Lindsey brought another horse to compete, Bowdrie, who finished second in both the Freestyle and Trail competition. Her student, Franny Galvin-Hynes, also brought one of Lindsey's horses to compete, named The Bowie Van. The duo finished first in Trail and Franny was the Top Junior in both Field Hunter and Trail divisions.

Read more at Chronicle of the Horse.

Read more about Harmony Horsemanship here.

  • john

    Did the horse order off the room service menu too?

    • Olebobbowers

      Just a bowl of oatmeal, john.

  • NMBird

    Love this story! Last year I stayed at a Day’s Inn closer into town with really crappy that I know the area, I would stay at this Super 8! The rewards program works for both…

    By the way, did Blizz hang out in a no-smoking room???

  • These storys are great fun. My all time fav that i get the gigles over when i think about it
    I was helping a guy that was stabled at a nice little fair facility. This guy was quite the jokester, in pulls this FED X truck (small box truck) he flags down the driver and lets him know he has a package to ship. He must have had it all planed and had the shiping paperwork all filled out. After a time the driver pulls up to pick up the package and here comes the guy leading a horse with the shiping paperwork tied to the halter. Here this fedx guy (young and obviously new) completing the paperwork and making space in his truck. The drivers bigest consern was where to stick the shipping label. The driver trying to get in touch with the head office but no cell service. This went on for close to a hour. We all busted out laughing when the driver perfectly willing started to load the “package” with the guy giving him instructions and how to unload the horse when he got to the main place (this was a good broke horse that would load in a pickup that he did tricks with) the driver figired out he had been had and we all laughed and laughed after a short time the driver was rooling on the ground histeracly cussing and gigeling

    • Olebobbowers

      Did it happen to be on April 1st, Mr. Moo? BTW, you owe me a cup of coffee, and possibly a new keyboard, I’ll spew out the reasoning behind my request soon as I can stop laughing…LMBO, ~

  • Olebobbowers

    Lindsey Partridge, you are Worshiped by this lifelong horseman! Lindsey uses Harmony Horsemanship to train her horses, ensuring a calm connection that helps her in situations that can be stressful for the horses competing before large crowds. There are thoroughbred trainers making millions that haven’t a clue, nor do they want to learn anything to help bring comfort to the horses under their ‘care’. One such trainer named Bob Baffart has a horse under his ‘care’, naw, let’s go with lack of care, that has earned $17 million, and all he knows is a cruel, inhumane act of putting a lip chain on the poor horse every time he leaves his stall. The poor horse is obviously pained, as well as distressed, having to wear that torturous piece of equipment even when he gets what should be comforting, a warm bath. God has blessed the Equine world by allowing you to actually show these creatures of God how to handle the stressful moments on a basis equal to a comforting one. Baffart’s owners are as ignorant as their trainer as far as horsemanship or compassion for those deserving $17 million dollar earners goes. Once again Ma’am, thank you for bringing peace to this ole timer, by enabling us that do care about horses to witness that the art of horsemanship still exists, albeit rarely. One further question, do you torment your horses with lip chains to bring them the comfort you are well known for? Didn’t think so. ~

    • I seem to recall not all that long ago a triple crown contender getting a room at A very high end hotell and going up a few floors in the maintnance elevator ..shurly someone can remember

      Anyway let me know i have lots of still in the box keybords ;-)

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