Study: Magnesium Doesn’t Mellow Horses As Originally Believed

by | 12.10.2018 | 7:00am

Thought for years to have a calming effect on equines, magnesium may not be the miracle relaxer it has been touted to be. A new Australian study shows that the mineral may not slow reaction speed responses. These finding are contrary to a 2015 study using Standardbreds that showed magnesium aspartate to significantly reduce average reaction speed responses, reports HorseTalk.

The 2015 study sparked debate as to whether it was the magnesium or the aspartate that affected the reaction speed. The most recent study was completed by Charles Sturt University in New South Wales and Waltham Equine Studies Group.

The research team used 18 equines and fed them three different diets over one week. The control diet was hay-based, one diet was hay-based with supplementary magnesium, and one diet was hay-based with aspartate per the original study. No horse, on any diet, indicated that it was either sedated or more excited. These results suggest that magnesium cannot be depended upon to modify equine's reaction speeds.

Read more at HorseTalk.

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