Statistics Show Most Horses Need To Be Re-Homed More Than Once

by | 03.19.2019 | 4:23pm

The Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF), operating since 1989, compiled its data on the number of homes an adopted horse needed, based on the information it has collected from 1992-March 11, 2019.

The number of horses this data is based on is 1,692.

1 Home       8.5%
2 Homes     49.0%
3 Homes     20.0%
4 Homes     10.5%
5 Homes       6.0%
6 Homes       3.0 %
8 Homes       2.0%
9-11 Homes  1.0%

This data does not include:

  • Horses that were never adopted, likely due to age or injury and were retired with SRF until deceased;
  • Horses presently under the expense of SRF, not likely to be adopted;
  • Horses presently available for adoption.

Less than 9 of every 100 adopted homes keeps their horse for life.

Due to unreliable information received by adopters, it is difficult to pinpoint the actual reason these horses need more than one home, but change in lifestyle, such as divorce, going off to college, and financial issues, may be the reason. This also explains why, after an individual finds a home for their horse, and when adoption programs relinquish ownership or do not follow-up diligently for the life of the horse, the vast majority of these horses are back at risk again, and some are found in kill pens.

It goes to reason that if Standardbred horses do not have a lifetime protective guardian, 91.5 percent need to be re-homed, and may be at risk.

For further information please contact SRF at 609-738-3255 or via email at [email protected] or see


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