Sport Horse Veterinarian Sentenced To Jail For Fraud Scheme With Sales Agents

by | 07.11.2016 | 7:05pm

A British veterinarian was handed a jail sentence alongside two horse agents for conspiracy to commit fraud this week. Veterinarian David Smith, 66, formerly of Lakeview Veterinary Centre in Capel Le Ferne, was found guilty last month along with agents Aniela Jurecka, 28, of Tonbridge and Charlotte Johnson, 28, of Sandling. Prosecutors say the trio lied about the horses' conditions, defrauding purchasers and placing buyers in potential danger. The Maidstone Crown Court sentenced all three to two and a half years in jail, according to Horse & Hound.

Jurecka and Johnson are believed to have drugged horses before showing them to potential buyers, either to hide medical issues or behavioral problems, and would send clients to Smith, who would present the horse in question with a clean bill of health. Investigators found that Smith also kept poor records, particularly surrounding his stock of Modecate, a long-acting sedative, which Jurecka has requested from him via text message.

Detective Constable Tracey Brightman, officer in charge of the case, said at the fraud trial that in Smith's case, the behavior not only qualified as criminal, but also a disregard of the veterinary oath. Brightman said that in a few cases, horses turned out to be so injured after their sale that they hd to be euthanized, causing further distress to their purchasers.

The sentencing judge said that the trio's actions likely shook the public perception of the sales process and trust in the veterinary and sales professions.

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  • Nathan Prather

    And in the US Maria Borell is out on $4,000 bail after nearly killing horses with neglect. We need a governing body similar to Britian with some teeth. Put this people in Jail for a long long time.

    • HowardRoark314

      Close. Her father bailed out within 36 hours: $4300 cash – yet he couldn’t summon 43 cents to feed 43 horses for months? Maria is still a fugitive, and no one from KY is looking for her. Yet, if she’s caught or returns to KY to file another frivolous lawsuit – she’ll likely bail out within hours too. And disappear, just like daddy. In Kentucky horses should be treated under the law as pets, not livestock. Then the Borells would be facing 43 felonies, no bail, lots of prison time, and Maria would not be allowed to remain safely out of state.

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