Purina Launches Site To Reconnect Owners With Former Horses

by | 06.15.2018 | 12:54pm

Every horse rider or owner has that one horse they will never forget. Between sales, barn moves and life changes, it's easy to lose track of a horse and become separated from our beloved partners. In honor of the bonds that can't be broken and the horses we won't forget, Purina Animal Nutrition has launched FindYourOldFriend.com.

Utilizing the power of social media, networking and geotargeting, FindYourOldFriend.com is poised to help the online equine community reconnect with each other and their former horses

“We have a very active community on social media and people utilize these networks to reconnect with friends from all over,” explains Pete Theisen, VP marketing, Purina Animal Nutrition. “We thought, why not expand this and reconnect people with their old horses?”

FindYourOldFriend.com is organized by U.S. regions and incorporated into a public Facebook group. Users are encouraged to network with each other to locate and trace horses in their regions and beyond. More than 1,500 members have joined the group since launching last week.

“We encourage people to continue working with each other through the Facebook group to track down horses,” says Theisen. “It only takes one person to help someone find their old friend.”

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