Preventing Ticks On Equine Properties

by | 03.05.2018 | 10:46am

In areas of the country that remain warm throughout the winter, ticks are always in season. For others, however, a brief reprieve from ticks is possible when the weather turns cold. However, with warmer weather on the horizon across the United States, it's important to begin farm preparation for their return.

Preferred tick habitat includes tall grass, leaves and wooded areas; they especially prefer the edges of these areas, like where woods meet open fields. Areas that are sunny and don't include long grasses are generally safe from ticks.

To prevent ticks in equine areas on farms, it's important to:

  • Fence horses away from woods and dense vegetation (temporary fencing can be used during very tick-heavy times of year to keep horses out of brushy areas and woods)
  • Mow pastures to prevent tall grass
  • Consider getting chickens or guinea hens to help control the tick population
  • Use mouse control methods to keep mice populations in check; mice often carry ticks on their bodies and into areas they frequent
  • Clear shrubs and vegetation from fence lines

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