Pennsylvania Horse Positive For EHV-1

by | 11.29.2017 | 7:08am

A dressage barn in Pennsylvania is under quarantine after a horse in Butler County tested positive for EHV-1 (wild-type). After showing neurological signs, the horse was tested via nasal swab and blood samples, confirming the diagnosis.

Additionally, one other private farm is under quarantine as it had recently received a horse from the affected barn. All animals on both properties are being closely monitored for signs of the Equine Herpesvirus. Investigation into equine movements to and from the barns are also being conducted.

Currently the affected horse is recovering and no other animals have shown signs of EHV.

EHV is spread thorough nasal secretions, including through direct horse-to-horse contact and through contaminated tack, clothing, hands and feed and water tubs. Horses affected with EHV may have a fever and nasal discharge, be uncoordinated, show hind end weakness or dribble urine.

EHV positive horses should be placed in quarantine and strict biosecurity measures should be taken to prevent spread of the virus. The EHV positive horse may be treated with anti-inflammatories and fluids, but antibiotics are not effective.

Read more at the Equine Disease and Communication Center.

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