Painful Pony? A Different Kind Of Bean May Be The Culprit

by | 11.26.2018 | 3:00pm

A horse that had been retired for “dangerous” behavior gets help from an unusual source: The Bean Queen. Wendy Chriss had owned Scooby, a Thoroughbred gelding, for years when, in 2014, he began to shake while being saddled. His behavior escalated until he became too dangerous to ride. Wendy had a vet, saddle fitter and other equine specialists investigate to try to determine what was ailing the horse, to no avail. Scooby had been turned out in a field when Wendy heard mention of Tracey Freeman, also knows as “The Bean Queen.'”

Scooby's problem was immediately evident when Tracey, the owner of Sheath Cleaning UK, went to clean his sheath. Cleaning removes built-up dirt and smegma, which form hard, painful lumps (called “beans”) inside the sheath, potentially making movement uncomfortable.

Some horse owners are not aware of sheath beans, and though Wendy did notice that the gelding was continually resting his left hind leg, while urinating and even while having his left front hoof held up, that his sheath needed cleaning was not mentioned as a possible cause.

Wendy wants other owners to be aware of the issue, as she said she had never been told that dirt buildup in the sheath could be a potential problem and that horse's sheaths needed to be cleaned regularly.

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