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What We Know, And What We Don’t, From 30 Years Of Racehorse Necropsies

Since the start of California’s equine necropsy program in 1990, researchers at the University of California-Davis and elsewhere have learned a lot about fatal injuries in racehorses. Data from the necropsy program has given regulators, veterinarians, and trainers pointers on the best way to manage risk factors from surface to training schedule to shoeing. Dr. […]

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10 Questions To Ask When Buying Hay For Horses

Summer signals a new season in hay making, buying, and selling. Horse owners who have an established relationship with a hay supplier (or suppliers) likely know details surrounding where, how, and when their hay is being produced. However, Mother Nature can throw a wrench into the best plans, and some horse owners may find themselves […]

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Gut Microbiota And Equine Asthma Linked

A new study out of Canada has shown that asthmatic horses don’t adapt their intestinal flora to changes in the environment like healthy horses do. It is not yet known if lung issues affect the gut or gut issues affect the lungs, or if both issues have a root systemic cause, says Dr. Mathilde Leclere […]

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Three New Arizona Facilities Identify Vesicular Stomatitis Cases

Though no new Vesicular Stomatitis Virus infections have been identified since April 23, 2020, three additional premises have been identified in Arizona, all in Maricopa County, reports the United States Department of Agriculture. Two of the premises have been confirmed positive and one is suspected as having VSV. Once a county is confirmed as having […]

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Free Horsekeeping Webinars From The University Of Maryland

The University of Maryland (UMD) Extension Horse Team is extending a webinar series through June. The webinars are held on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. EST as our educators discuss a variety of horsekeeping topics. The June webinars include: June 2: Interpreting Soil Test Reports: What You Need to Know to Maximize Pasture Performance Andy Kness, […]

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New Zealand Horse Exports to Australia To Resume

Horse exports from New Zealand to Australia have resumed despite the positive case of equine piroplasmosis found in one mare based on the North Island. Additional interim testing is now in place, which has brought about an additional fee to offset the expertise required to run the tests. Agricultural officials from both countries feel strongly […]

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Three Equine Specialties And A Dedicated Family Come Together To Heal Horse

Cooper, a 16-year-old quarter horse gelding, was brought to the UC Davis veterinary hospital after his owner, Robyn Armstrong, noticed spooking behavior over the past few months. Her normally friendly horse was not letting her near him. The hospital’s ophthalmologists noticed an obstruction in Cooper’s vision, but also noticed an unrelated abnormality on his face. […]

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Quarantine Question: Will My Horse Remember Me?

As lockdowns are ending across the world, many horse owners are questioning if their horses will remember them, though for some it has been months since they’ve been together. It is well established that horses remember things for years with very little mental decay; a 2013 study showed that horses trained to perform a task […]

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Veterinarians Combining Thermal Microchips, New Technology For Better Horse Health

As microchips become the norm for registered Thoroughbreds, veterinarians in the field have been working on ways to use those microchips for more than just digital identification. On a webinar hosted by the University of Kentucky Department of Veterinary Sciences this week, Drs. Alan Dorton and Kevin Corley discussed the applications they have found for […]

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