Owner Vs. Vet: Who Should Vaccinate?

by | 08.24.2016 | 11:06am

While vaccinating a horse may seem like an easy-enough process (uncap the needle, draw up the medicine and place the vaccine in the horse's neck, drawing up first to ensure there is no blood, then depressing the plunger), there are many steps that need to to be followed to the letter to ensure that the vaccine remains at its highest efficacy.

First, each vaccine must be handled properly from its production until it is injected. Vaccines must be kept at specific temperatures, as even a minimal amount of time without proper temperature can cause them to be ineffective.

Some vaccines must be stored in the dark, away from direct sunlight. When owners order their vaccines online, they cannot determine if the product has been properly handled and that it is as potent as it should be. Additionally, should your equine have an adverse reaction to an injection, most online pharmacies are unable to help you aid your horse (though your veterinarian can help you).  If you do choose to buy your vaccines online and administer them yourself (which is not recommended), it is necessary to ensure that you are buying from a reputable company.

Additionally, knowing which vaccines your horse should receive, based on your local and the time of year, is critical for proper immunization. Here, too, your vet is a wealth of knowledge who can help you keep your horse safe. Vets also have extensive knowledge in which manufacturers have the fewest reactions to their vaccines.

Another point to consider is that when your vet comes and administers vaccinations, they are able to look closely at your horse and his health, checking to be sure he is doing well. If your horse is insured, it's also prudent to check what your coverage entails. If you administer a vaccine and your horse has a bad reaction to it, will your company cover the claim?

While it can seem money-conscious to administer your own vaccines, carefully consider the cost you will incur if something goes wrong.

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